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At PestPush, our aim is empowering you with the knowledge that'll give your DIY pest controlling efforts an extra push! If you're looking for a licensed exterminator instead, we'll help you ask the right questions before choosing one.

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PestPush will help you fight:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Rats & mice
  • Fleas, ticks & lice
  • Squirrels & chipmunks
  • Groundhogs, moles & other rodents
  • Mosquitoes, flies & gnats
  • Skunks & other rogue mammals
  • Wasps & hornets
  • Rogue birds

Give your DIY efforts a push with the help of our pest-repelling and pest-proofing guides and product reviews of popular pest-control products.

We have the experience in dealing with almost every kind of pest imaginable. From woodpeckers to deer and everything (the more common ones) in between, we'll help you fight them effectively!

From deterrents, repellents, killer sprays, to even traps and poisons, we cover a variety of pest control methods. In addition, we write about various natural ways of repelling and deterring pests, such as using regular household and kitchen items to your benefit.

The average homeowner spends between $250-300 a year on pest control (whether on DIY products or on exterminators), and we believe you can cut this cost significantly simply by being better informed about pests and pest control in general.

Enjoy your stay on PestPush and start pushing your pests away with confidence!