Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters – How to Avoid them

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Bed bugs are awful little insects, and they’ve come up with ingenious ways to not only proliferate in the bedroom but also thrive in movie theaters.

Sounds like a horror film doesn’t it? It’s not, and it’s a reality that could make you a victim of these little bloodthirsty insects. But fear not, there are simple ways to avoid this problem and enjoy a night out, bed bug-free.

Obvious Signs of Poor Hygiene

The first thing you should do as a moviegoer is to inspect the cleanliness of the theater itself. There are obvious signs that a movie theater lacks general hygiene like unclean, dirty floors, old mangled chairs, and a pungent, unpleasant odor. These might be clear, telltale signs that the theater is inhabited by bed bugs.

However, it is not uncommon for bed bugs to exist in a clean theater environment. Therefore, you should inspect a theater, regardless of hygiene.

How Do Bed Bugs Operate?

It is a general misconception that bed bugs are attracted to dirt and grime. However, these little creatures flourish under dirty conditions where they can hide, and populate their species.

It is known that bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth, meaning your exhaled breathing will alert them to the possibility of food and blood.

Bed Bugs Attack in the Dark

Bed bugs understand the meaning of hiding, and lights are counter-intuitive to their mode of living. Over time, they’ve come to evolve a certain way, which means darkness is their ally and as a result, will attack a moviegoer when the lights are off.

Avoiding Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters

At this time, you are now aware that the possibility of bed bugs existing in a movie theater is real. So what do you do about this?

There are certain preventive measures you can take that will certainly help your cause with these unholy critters. If you have a phone, you can use the flashlight to illuminate the chairs, which will easily highlight whether or not bed bugs live in that designated area.

If you do happen to find bed bugs, be sure to alert the management so that they can properly determine a viable solution, which will eliminate this problem.

Affordable Sprays to Deter Bed Bugs

Another common remedy is to buy bed bug aerosol spray. If you’ve inspected your seating area without finding bed bugs present, it might not be the worst idea to disinfect the area for good measure. It will instantly kill any bed bug you might have missed.

A great bed bug spray like this one can effectively keep you comfortable and reassured throughout an entire movie. The only downside to this solution is looking a little neurotic while doing so, but better safe than sorry I say.

Bed Bug Infestation through Word-of-Mouth

Before visiting a movie theater, it might be a good idea to do your homework if you are fearful of the potential for bed bugs to exist. If a theater has been infested, they will notify the public by law and make it news to their customers.

It is within their best interests as a business to properly exterminate this problem with the help of professional exterminators.

The Importance of Clothing to Discourage Bed Bugs

The clothes you wear can have a significant impact on whether or not you become a victim of bed bugs. It is important to consider this factor. You might want to avoid certain clothing that will reveal too much skin.

I would argue that you should wear what makes you comfortable. But with bed bugs, the more coverage you have, the better.

You can also eliminate the potential for bed bugs to attack while wearing light-colored clothing, which will make it easy for you to spot these annoying insects if the case arises.

Bed Bugs Can Travel from Theater to Household

If a theater is infested with bed bugs, there is always the potential for a few of them to attach to an article of clothing, or in a bag for example, and travel with you back to your house.

This outcome sounds like the worst-case scenario but the potential exists. Ensure that when leaving the theater, your items like purses or shopping bags are free from these insects.

Scents That Discourage Bed Bugs

It has been scientifically proven that certain smells can eliminate the potential for bed bugs to attack a moviegoer. Many products can be found throughout your household, which will reduce the risk of bed bug infestation.

Common essential oils such as lavender oil and tea tree oil can act as a protective layer against bed bugs. You can add these organic products, and apply them onto your open skin before going to see a movie.

Bed Bugs Hate Citric Acid

It is also well documented that bed bugs dislike citric acid. It could be a good idea to have these items, like a lemon for example. Keep it in your purse to avoid the potential for bed bugs to travel home with you at the end of the movie.

This might seem like a strange item to carry inside a shopping bag, but it might be a great preventive measure.

Common Infestation Potential Inside Movie Theaters

Bed bugs can live practically anywhere from hotels, to bedrooms, and even inside a movie theater.

A highly populated movie theater can be a goldmine for bed bugs because 200 people exhaling together can amount to a lot of carbon dioxide.

It would be ideal to ensure that bed bugs are not present so that you can happily enjoy the experience of watching a film.

Preventive Measures Outweigh a Careless Approach

Watching a movie should be a fun, peaceful experience. The presence of bedbugs can completely ruin that experience but there are many effective measures you can take to eliminate the risk for these terrible insects to ruin your night.

A simple routine will completely deter these bed bugs from biting your skin or returning home with you. It is within your responsibility to be safe and practice time-sensitive, proven methods that will eliminate these bugs from your life.

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