6 Best Mouse Poisons for Efficient DIY Mice Killing

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Some mouse traps work, and some don’t. Then some take too long to work, and not everyone has time to wait. If you don’t mind taking more drastic action, you could always use one of the best mouse poisons to deal with your rodent infestation.

Although quite toxic, mouse poisons are safe to use if you follow the instructions on the label and account for your surroundings. Here are some of the best poisons that anyone can use with little to no pest control experience.

6 Best Mouse Poisons that are Effective

The Farnam Just One Bite II is a mouse poison that comes in pellets. Each 1.5oz pack contains 86 pellets that can kill mice and rats in up to four or five days. While this may sound like a long time to wait, I should remind you that once the rodents eat the poison, death is guaranteed, not like in the case of traps.

Most rodents including squirrels and voles only require eating the poison once, which is pretty good as you’ll be able to use less product to deal with a more massive infestation.

The great thing about these pellets is that they’re a highly attractive bait too. Both young and adult mice and rats will go straight at them and start eating. And, since there’s no need for elaborate contraptions or bait stations, it’s unlikely that the surroundings will deter the rodents from getting their deadly meal.

  • A little goes a long way
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for severe infestations
  • Irresistible scent and taste
  • Not the fastest acting formula

You can buy the Motomco Tomcat formula in packs of 22. Each pack contains 3oz of the deadly formula. While a single package may not be enough to deal with adult rats, it should be more than enough for young and adult mice.

Although the poison is not the strongest out there, it should still work in four to six days at the most against all mice species.

The package doesn’t include bait stations, so you will have to buy those separately if you’re treating areas where kids and pets also frequent.

Among the species that it’s most efficient against, you’ll find the regular Norwegian rats, house mice, and common roof rats.

  • Good value for money
  • Works on mice and rats
  • Can handle a couple of species
  • Pre-packaged doses
  • Bait stations not included

The Ramik Green Rodentcide comes in half-inch nuggets that are the perfect snack size as far as most mice and rats are concerned. It won’t take more than five days before the poison disposes of the rodents after ingesting.

I like that this formula doesn’t use wax. That’s because the wax can sometimes affect the palatability of bait and poisons. It just so happens that the absence of wax also helps the nuggets adjust better to different climates.

This diphacinon-based formula is the first-generation anticoagulant. Although some mice species may be slightly resilient, all of them will fall prey to the poison eventually. Hence the reason why it may take up to four days for some and five days for others.

  • Single dosage required
  • Highly palatable
  • Efficient anticoagulant poison 
  • Long-lasting potency
  • Expensive

The JT Eaton 750 TopGun bait blocks have been designed to work efficiently as both indoor and outdoor baits. They have excellent weather resistance, as long as they get some coverage from bait stations when used outside.

One bucket contains around 128 blocks. I should also point out that even though slightly pricey, this formula has stop-feed action, which will allow an individual block to poison more than one rodent with a lethal dose.

And speaking of lethality, you should know that it takes up to two days for the 750 TopGun bait blocks to work their magic and dispose of rodents.

That is mainly in part from the bromethalin in the formula. As a safety measure, there’s also a small amount of Bitrex in each bait block to prevent kids from finding them appealing.

  • Very fast-acting formula
  • Safer to use around kids
  • Stop-feed action
  • 128 bait blocks per pack
  • Slightly pricey

You can get the EcoClear RatX Pellets in 8oz, 1lbs, 3lbs, and 25lbs bags. These are packaged for all kinds of infestations, whether minuscule, mild, or severe. They’re also affordable and quite efficient if you’re looking for an excuse not to call in an exterminator.

Because it contains mostly natural ingredients, this formula poses less of a risk to pets and kids, as well as plant life. The recipe is biodegradable and non-polluting.

However, is it the best or the fastest mouse killer on the market? No. But that’s often the case with natural rodenticides. They will work, but they take a bit longer and require the rodents to eat larger doses. That said, if you want a very safe way to kill mice and rats, this one might be it.

  • All-natural formula
  • Doesn’t affect plants
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe to use, store, and dispose of
  • Not the fastest-acting formula

Havoc is one of the most respected manufacturers of rodenticides and pesticides. But that’s just one of the reasons I included the Havoc Rodenticide Bait Pack on my list.

It’s a highly palatable rodenticide with stop-feed action, which makes it a somewhat cost-effective solution when you’re facing a severe infestation.

I also recommend the Havoc Rodenticide Bait Pack because its formula contains a second-generation anticoagulant. That's why it’s more efficient against warfarin-resistant rats and mice.

It also allows the formula to enter the rodent’s organism quickly after a single feeding. As far as timing goes, the poison should start showing results in up to four to five days. Just keep in mind that, like many others, this rodenticide comes without bait stations.

  • Made with a second-generation anticoagulant
  • Stop-feed action
  • Cost-effective
  • Medium to fast results
  • You’ll need to buy your bait stations

What’s in Mouse Poisons?

Most rodenticide manufacturers put anticoagulants in mouse and rat poisons. It’s a common practice in dealing with a wide range of pests. While I do recommend this type of rodenticide, you should know that it’s not always the fastest-acting option.

Sure, the proprietary blend will impact how quickly or slowly the poison will work. But all that aside, apart from a few exceptions that use natural extracts, most products will contain either a first, second, or third-generation anticoagulant.

Poisons to Stay Away From

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll find many warfarin-based mouse poisons on the market these days, they’re not entirely out of production.

This type of poison or formula is one that you should avoid because it’s getting less and less efficient every year. Therefore, the manufacturers introduced second and third-generation anticoagulants to better deal with the ever-growing warfarin resistance in Norwegian rats.

Bait Stations or No Bait Stations?

You won’t always need bait stations to get your rodents to take the bait. You can put bait blocks or small poisonous pellets into cracks and crevices or hidden spots in the garage, attic, and basement. You should place them where only mice can get to them.

That said, even natural rodenticides can sometimes be harmful to pets and kids, even though not lethal. That means that having some bait stations around that are maybe tamper-proof is a good idea.

You should also keep in mind that it’s impossible to treat an outdoor infestation without bait stations. Bait blocks and pellets that rely on anticoagulants and other toxins don’t fare well in harsh weather, or even mild rain for that matter.

Prolonged exposure could alter their palatability and even render the poison inert after a while. In which case, you’d just be throwing money out the window.

Is Using Traps and Poisons Overkill?

I guess this depends on how difficult your situation is. While not all traps can guarantee a humane or even sure kill, many of them can at least keep the animal trapped after the trap is activated.

Using mouse poison instead of standard bait could increase your chances of success even further. And, I will say that not knowing where your mice might drop dead around the house is not a great feeling to have. At least if you trap them, you’ll know where to return in a couple of days to remove them and dispose of them.

You Shouldn’t Always Shy Away from Toxic Rodenticides

In all sincerity, synthetic rodenticides work a lot better than almost anything else on the market. Some might kill your mice slower and some faster, but they’re guaranteed to do it after the rodent takes its dose.

As you can see, there are rat and mouse poisons for every budget. Therefore, all you have to do is figure out how much poison you need, what type of rats you have, and the most convenient method of killing them.

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