8 Best Spider Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Whether you’re tired of cleaning webs or you’re allergic to spider bites, there’s no reason to go crazy over insecticides, go calling exterminators, and all that. The best spider traps can help you clean your house quite fast if you know how to pick them.

The principles of spider traps are simple and effective. On top of that, there’s just no other alternative if you don’t want to introduce dangerous toxins inside your home. Check out some of the best-rated spider traps you can start using today.

Best Spider Traps for a Chemical-Free House Cleaning

The Terro T3206SR spider traps come in multiple packs. The three-pack is what I recommend for catching spiders in a medium-sized home as it offers a total of 12 traps.

Each trap features a non-toxic adhesive that can trap even the smallest of spiders and keep them stuck until they starve to death. The traps are box-shaped but also foldable, which makes them ideal for placing even in high traffic areas.

Although not wholly tamperproof, the adhesive won’t be strong enough to hold a kid or a pet stuck to it. Therefore, the Terro T3206SR traps are safe to use all over the house.

Note, however, that I don’t recommend using these traps outside. There’s no weatherproofing to speak of, so you should avoid using them on your lawn or in any open area exposed to rain, snow, or strong winds.

  • Strong adhesive
  • Foldable box/tunnel design
  • Pesticide-free
  • Can trap a wide range of insects and other small critters
  • Not ideal for outdoor use

You can get as many of these traps as you need in bundle deals. From as few as six traps up to 72 traps, you’ll be able to get enough in one purchase to treat a spider infestation even in a large mansion.

The adhesive doesn’t contain any pesticide, making this a non-toxic trap, safe to use around kids and pets. I like that the glue has a peanut butter scent, which may help attract various other critters, although this won’t do much for spiders.

However, since it can attract some flies and other insects, once stuck there, they will serve as baits for spiders. Each glue board is covered and has two entry points. The total adhesive coverage is 4.5” x 6.5”.

I should also point out that these can be folded or used flat as is. What’s even better, in my opinion, is that the tunnel has a low profile. That will make it easier to stick the traps under furniture and trap spiders you can’t see.

  • Good adhesive
  • Low-profile tunnel traps
  • Non-toxic
  • Attract other insects, too
  • Powerful peanut butter scent

The Catchmaster Brown Recluse traps are a nice mix between professional and DIY spider traps. They come as ten glue sheets, which you can divide into 30 monitor traps.

I like the idea of monitor traps because they let you see if the trap is effective where you’ve placed it without necessarily having to bend down and check. That will allow you to reposition the traps for better results quickly.

The glue is strong and will keep any ants, mites, spiders, and other small critters from leaving once stuck to it. I also like that these are very cheap spider traps, especially given the monitor trap design and the total area coverage they can provide.

Once again, the adhesive is non-toxic and pesticide-free. But, because once folded into monitor traps, each trap will have six viewports. I can’t recommend these for outdoor use. The glue can handle some humidity, but it’s doubtful it will remain active for long once it comes in contact with water.

  • Monitor traps
  • Strong adhesive
  • Pesticide-free solution
  • Very affordable
  • Sketchy to use outdoors

The Rescue Spider Traps are some of my favorite hands down, for indoor and outdoor use, alike. They come in packs of three and have durable plastic shells, at least for this price range.

Because they’re not made out of cardboard, as most spider traps are, they have decent waterproofing. That means that you can place them outside on paths and spots you’ve noticed spiders frequent. Always an excellent way to keep spiders from getting inside your home and prevent a full-blown infestation.

I also like the plastic shells because they make the traps even more tamperproof and resistant to damage from curious or playful pets.

While not the most low-profile traps on the market, the Rescue Spider Traps are still small enough to fit under furniture sitting on legs. And, although not particularly important, I think that the brown and textured finishing helps the traps blend in with almost any furniture or décor.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Good adhesive
  • Impressive weatherproofing
  • Pet and impact-resistant plastic shell
  • Can’t be used as flat glue boards

The Traps Direct spider traps are all about versatility and adjustability. They’re essentially 15 separate sheets which you can fold and transform into 45 spider traps. Two viewports are also available per trap if you’re not counting the two main entrances.

Due to the non-toxic adhesive and lack of pesticides, these traps can easily be used in the kitchen, in kid’s rooms, or in any other place where you might be afraid to treat the spider infestation with chemicals.

I don’t think that these traps would fare too well outside if left in the open. But, they can sit just fine on decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, and anywhere else where they won’t be showered on a cloudy day.

Although slightly pricier, you shouldn’t forget the number of traps you’re getting with each pack. It’s excellent value for money if you live in a medium or a large house, and you want to catch the creepy crawlers in all rooms.

  • Can be used as flat or covered traps
  • Monitor trap design
  • Strong adhesive board
  • Good value for money
  • No waterproofing

The Terro T293SR Hobo Spider Traps are nothing too special and don’t feature a fancy new design. It’s the same old Terro foldable glue board. But what makes these traps worthy of a spot on this list, you ask? It’s the highly adhesive glue that can trap even the fastest and lightest of spiders.

Whether you want to use the standard glue board or fold it up into an open box to protect the glue from kids and pets, it will work equally well. Each pack of Terro T293SR spider traps contains four traps.

I should also mention that the reason they’re called the Terro Hobo Spider Traps is that the glue is scented. It’s nothing too bothersome for humans, or toxic, but it’s a distinctive synthetic scent that can attract hobo spiders.

If you have a hobo spider infestation, this trap will help move things along quickly.

  • Foldable spider traps
  • Scented to attract hobo spiders
  • Pesticide-free
  • Affordable
  • May not have the longest-lasting adhesive

Available in two and three-packs, the Catchmaster 724 traps come pre-scented to help you deal with your spiders faster. Each pack has four glue boards.

You can use them flat to stick them under furniture, or fold them and provide cover from nosy kids and curious pets when placing them in other areas around your home.

The scent is almost unnoticeable to humans, which is one of the things I like most about the Catchmaster 724. You would be surprised at how many glue boards have a nasty odor about them.

The adhesive strength is what some might call professional-grade. That means that the glue is strong enough to trap even roaches, scorpions, and other bigger and more powerful crawlers than your average spiders.

Of course, these traps are also non-toxic to kids, pets, and other friendly animals. Whether you need to use these traps in the kitchen or the attic, it doesn’t make a difference.

  • Powerful adhesive
  • Foldable traps
  • Scented to attract spiders
  • Low-profile opening when folded
  • Not waterproof

There aren’t any bundle deals or multiple packs available for the JT Eaton 844 Pest Catchers spider traps. However, the standard four-pack comes with 16 traps in total, which should be enough for the average household.

The glue is powerful and also scented to attract two particular types of insects: spiders and crickets. That’s good because it makes the traps even more attractive to spiders, once a cricket or another insect gets caught on the glue surface.

I also like the composition and texture of the adhesive. It’s very durable and can handle exposure to a wide temperature range, without stiffening and losing its effectiveness.

Still, these are traps that I can’t recommend for use outdoors. Because they’re not foldable, they have no waterproofing. It’s probably best to use them on your patio, in the garage, under windowsills, and other places where they’re unlikely to get wet.

  • Long glued trays
  • Potent attractant
  • Value packs
  • The glue remains strong under extreme temperature changes
  • Completely uncovered

Are Spider Traps Really Effective?

Yes, they are. The glue featured on many glue boards is more than strong enough to keep even the lightest or the strongest spiders in check for a long time, usually until they’re dead or you’re ready to dispose of the traps.

But, not all spider traps are equally effective. That’s because not all glue boards are scented. If unscented, the traps are unlikely to attract spiders; therefore, dealing with an infestation might take longer.

You’ll either have to place a few insects on the glue board or find the most traveled paths and set the traps along the way.

Types of Attractants Used

There are generally only two types of attractants used in glue boards spider traps - attractants that appeal to a wide range of insects, or synthetic attractants that target specific spider species.

The latter option is excellent when you’re dealing with specific spiders. But more often than not, it’s hard to identify the type of spiders that are roaming around the house.

That’s why I tend to favor attractants that work as bait for other insects too. The reason behind this is simple.

With spiders being carnivores, they’ll always be attracted to trapped insects and tempted to follow them in for the kill. That means ants, flies, and other insects will remain along with the spiders on the glue board.

Adhesive Strength and Durability

As promised, I’ve given you some options for both indoor and outdoor use. But you need to understand that most traps are designed for indoor use. That’s why there are very few spider traps made from plastic shells or weatherproof materials in general.

But, as you’ve noticed, the adhesive durability can also have a say in when and where you can use the traps. Some adhesives are so resilient that it won’t matter if you leave them out in the freezing cold or out in the open on a hot summer day.

Still, glue boards and water rarely go hand in hand. So whatever you do, try to shield your traps from rain, if you do place them outside. For this reason, I prefer not only foldable traps but also low-profile traps, which makes it less likely for raindrops to get deep enough inside.

Nice-Haves for Spider Traps

There’s one last thing worth mentioning regarding spider traps and their convenience. That’s viewports.

Monitor spider traps are cool because they typically allow you to look inside from above instead of having to pick up the trap and peek inside, bending over, or having to unfold it to check the progress.

While it’s true that a few viewports will also make it more likely that pets might get a paw inside, it’s still something worth considering, in my opinion, especially if you’re trying to eliminate your spiders as fast as possible.

Keep Your House Crawler Free

With the best traps for spiders you’ll be able to save plenty of money you would otherwise spend on exterminator services. As you can see, there are more than a few traps that can do a great job, and choosing between them doesn’t have to be rocket science either.

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