Best Squirrel Traps for Any Type of Weather and Environment

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Squirrels are cute and there’s no denying that. But you should know by now that it can cause plenty of problems if the squirrel population is left unchecked. The best squirrel traps can help you resolve the situation before things get out of control.

Deciding on the type of trap is not difficult for most people. However, picking out the right model can get difficult because the market is saturated with products. Learning about various features and designs should make it easier to arrive at a decision.

6 Best Squirrel Traps - Effective Models (Mostly Humane)

The Havahart 0745 squirrel trap is a galvanized steel cage capable of catching one squirrel at a time. It is 16” x 16” x 6” which makes it big enough for larger specimens. Not only that, but it also provides enough room so that the rodent won’t panic too much, in case you return to the trap after a long time.

In the front, the cage features a gravity door which drops as soon as the squirrel takes the bait and activates the trigger. The walls and the base of the cage are made of 12-gauge mesh. The mesh offers great impact resistance and it is tight enough to ensure that neither squirrels nor chipmunks can escape.

Another reason why I like the Havahart 0745 is that it comes pre-assembled. If other similar cages have failed you in the past, it may have been because of the poorly set up trigger rod. This cage design has the trigger rod on the outside which means that the squirrels can’t damage it and open the door.

When it comes time to releasing the squirrel, all you’ll have to do is raise the front door. There’s no need to touch the rodent. And, because the cage has a carry handle, you won’t have to stick your fingers in the mesh and risk getting bitten.

Last but not least, the absence of a bait compartment exit door also means that there’s one less thing to malfunction.

  • Durable steel trap
  • Gravity-action door
  • Exterior trigger rod
  • Fast trigger action
  • Very fast small squirrels could make a run for it and get hit by the door

Don’t give the Squirrelinator too much thought. This large metal cage won’t go all T-800 on captured squirrels. Rugged Ranch designed the cage as a multi-catch live trap which means that you will be able to use it to capture multiple squirrels with the same trap, without even using too much of the bait.

The cage requires no installation or configuration. It comes fully assembled and measures 23.25” x 23.25” x 4”. Although it’s sometimes advertised as a basin trap, the Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator is not one as it doesn’t have a drowning basin and can’t really be submerged either.

In order to catch squirrels, sprinkle bait all over the area covered by the trap. After that, you can sit back, relax, and check in when you start hearing a bunch of rodents making noise. As a live trap, the Squirrelinator does its job well, but you should note that some bigger squirrels might be able to raise the flap if they become very aggressive and get out.

  • Breathable cage
  • Capacity of up to 25 squirrels
  • Corrosion resistant cage
  • Humane catch and release trap
  • Some squirrels may be able to raise the flaps and get out

If you want to start relocating squirrels off your property, this Kensizer humane cage trap might be a good solution. It comes in medium and large sizes, so that you can catch both young and adult squirrels safely and efficiently.

The cage is lightweight and made of durable aluminum and a fine wire mesh. The spring activated door closes very fast once the trigger has been activated. And, the door is quite heavy, so it is unlikely that a squirrel can open it and get away.

It also comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to scramble for tools either. Setting up the trap is also pretty easy. You only have to raise the cage door and fit the compression bar into the trigger hole. Once the setup is done, you can then add the bait.

You could add the bait first, of course, but if you set the door first you’ll have a better access. The only reason you might want to put the bait in first is because there are some inconsistencies regarding the trigger mechanism. Some Kensizer live cage traps have very sensitive triggers.

  • Auto-locking door
  • Humane trap
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Some trigger mechanisms may be too sensitive

You can run this trap plugged in or on batteries. Its power output is more than sufficient to instantly kill any squirrel regardless of its size, making it a humane trap in a sense. The animals won’t struggle, feel pain, or slowly waste away from poisons.

I also like this zapper because there’s no mess and no need to touch the dead rodent. You can simply tip the zapper and the rodent will slide right out. And, you also don’t have to constantly check to see if something’s inside. The green LED indicator notifies you of a successful trigger from far away. What’s even better is that PestZilla designed the Rodent Zapper with an option for an extension plugin LED.

Although the power cord is just 5ft. long and may not be enough for your property, keep in mind that the Rodent Zapper runs off four D batteries too, and can deliver multiple shocks with a single set of batteries.

The trap is easy to hide. Thanks to its weather resistant housing, you can cover it with twigs, grass, leaves, or anything else you want. However, because this is an electric trap, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it model. You should only use this trap in dry weather, though. Heavy rain may mess with the electronics.

  • Delivers 7000V shocks
  • LED and extension LED indicators
  • No-touch disposal
  • Humane kill trap
  • Not an all-weather trap

You might be surprised to learn that such an affordable trap can eliminate up to 30 rodents off of a four-pack of D batteries. And, if I’m being honest, you might want to consider running the trap on batteries instead of plugging it in, since the power cord is only 3ft. long.

Once a rodent enters this trap a 7000V shock is instantly delivered. This ensures a quick and painless kill. After that, the LED indicator will immediately flash letting you know that you can safely dispose of the critter.

You won’t have to touch the dead squirrel to remove it. You can either tip the trap and shake it loose or remove the top and turn the trap over. Although you may prefer to relocate squirrels, not everyone has the means and time to do that. I like this trap because it can deal with a squirrel infestation rather quickly, reliably, and without the use of poisons and harmful chemicals that may affect kids, pets, or plants.

The trap dimensions are 11” x 4.5” x 5,” which means that young and adult squirrels will be able to easily enter once they sense the bait inside it.

  • Large trap
  • 7000V shock
  • Runs on batteries too
  • Rugged weather resistant build
  • May get triggered by slugs and larger insects too

If you’re looking for one of the most durable and reusable squirrel traps, the WCS Tube Trap may be the one for you. Although slightly expensive, this trap can be used in any environment and any type of weather conditions.

It also doesn’t require bait because its tube design makes it attractive to squirrels. They’ll feel compelled to run through or hide inside it. No bait, no mess, no chance of attracting other animals.

Besides, because it’s a trap designed for squirrels, it means that it’s too small for your dog, cat, rabbit, or other pets. With a 4.5” diameter, there’s no chance that anything but squirrels and other unwanted rodents could get inside.

The trap features a double torsion spring mechanism. It activates once the squirrel reaches the middle of the tube and triggers the mechanism. You can use the safety hook and shake the tube loose in order to release the squirrel.

  • Highly durable build
  • Doesn’t require bait
  • Safety hook included
  • Powerful spring torsion mechanism
  • No visual capture indicator

Types of Traps

There are many types of squirrel traps. It really comes down to what you can afford and how you prefer disposing of squirrels. There are many popular humane traps. These include small and large cages that can capture one or more squirrels. Cages are great if you want to catch and relocate large families of squirrels.

Other traps feature various spring mechanisms that trap squirrels and immobilize them. You can remove the rodents later and release them into the wild. However, traps that immobilize may hurt the squirrels. The upside is that they’re far less likely to escape. And, if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, you may even find traps with adjustable tension.

Then there are lethal traps. Not everyone likes them, but modern kill traps are less messy than they used to be. Besides, some people don’t have the means or the time to capture and release squirrels into the wild. Of course, if you were to opt for a lethal trap, you should at least go with a humane one.

Electronic traps can eliminate squirrels instantly by delivering high voltage currents. Most models deliver 7,000 volts or more and can also work on batteries. There are also mechanical lethal traps that snap with extreme force, which leads to a painless and instant kill. The choice is yours.

Weather Resistance Is Important

There are two types of cages that capture live squirrels for later release - classic metal cages and see-through acrylic cages. While both are viable options, as even plastic traps are well-aerated, you might want to consider metal cages as your first option.

The reason is simple. When it comes to weather resistance, these traps are superior. They rarely corrode, they can take a few hits here and there, and they won’t be tipped over by wind so easily. Another reason you may want to avoid plastic traps is because they can get flooded. It doesn’t happen often but not all manufacturers think things through.

Mechanical and Electric Traps vs Poison

Using poison to dispose of rodents is not really recommended and may even be illegal in some states. If you’re an animal person you should also know that poison never finishes off the animal quickly. It’s usually a slow and painful process.

Another reason to avoid using poison is that it can harm your pets and kids if they come in contact with it, and even your plants. Using traditional traps won’t cause any harm to your edible or ornamental plants and you can place them anywhere around your property.

Does the Trap Size Matter?

Yes, the size matters when it comes to squirrel traps. Most squirrel traps are about the same size as chipmunk or rat traps, showing that many traps are actually built for various species. However, if you want to catch adult squirrels and release them unharmed, using small traps is not a good idea.

When trying to capture small squirrels, using adult squirrel traps is not always ideal, either. Some baby squirrels are so small that they may not trigger the trap’s mechanism or they could squeeze through the wire mesh.

Of course, sturdy build is just as important as the size. Some adult squirrels may be strong enough to lift the entrance door after they’re done eating the bait, and simply slip back out.

Solve Your Rodent Infestation Now

Taking care of an overgrown squirrel population doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Squirrel traps are affordable and the majority of them are reusable. Depending on where you live, you can pick one of the traps in this article to deal with the rodents in a humane way.

But, if you’re open to exploring even more options, you can always use the tips and reviews in this article and apply them to other traps you’re looking at. If you're looking for ways to merely repel squirrels instead of trapping or catching them, you can check out these squirrel repellents instead.

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