Hello everyone!

After working for a professional pest removal company for more than a decade, I started PestPush a couple of years back mainly as a hobby blog.

I started writing DIY pest removal guides and covering popular ready-to-use pest control products in the form of buying guides. What I didn’t anticipate was the huge response from thousands of homeowners stressed with pest problems.

This led me to devote more and more of my time answering readers’ questions in the comment boxes of my articles, and also in the form of email replies.

The funny part was, one day my email inbox was so full of pest related questions that I finally had to create a different email address solely for this blog (jared [at] pestpush [dot] com).

Jared Belson of PestPush

I’m not complaining (at all!), though. I love to help guide people on these annoying issues.

The average homeowner spends roughly $250-300 on professional pest control every year, and it can easily cross a thousand dollars if you’ve got a serious infestation.

This is why learning to deal with the easier to deal with infestations yourself can save you a ton of money every year.

I aim to help my readers with just that. I try to keep my DIY pest control guides as much to-the-point and fluff-free as possible, and try to ensure that even a 5th grade student would be able to understand most of it.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve published close to 200 guides, and I plan to keep publishing more to help more and more affected homeowners. I specifically plan to start publishing more posts covering rather uncommon pests rather than the usual bed bugs, flies, termites and the likes.

I hope you find my efforts useful and get benefited from all of this content. If you have any specific questions, feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment or through email (I’ve mentioned that above).