Best Chipmunk Baits & Poisons for Optimum Control

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You may not see chipmunk poison on a label very often. But if you need a good one, then you should know that the best chipmunk baits and poisons are usually rodenticides advertised for more common pests such as mice and rats.

These will do wonders against these small and pesky rodents as long as you know how to pick them, and you understand how they work. Here’s some information you need to know regarding different ingredients, formulations, and proven products.

7 Best Chipmunk Baits & Poisons - My Favorites

The JT Eaton 704-AP is an extremely popular and one of the most trusted anticoagulants for rodent control. It uses apple flavoring and easily attracts rats, mice, chipmunks, and other rodents.

It comes with 64 blocks of rodenticide. Each block weighs one ounce and is enough for more than one chipmunk. While you can leave these lying around in high-traffic areas, I also recommend pairing them with bait stations.

The block design features a hole in the center, meaning you can stake them into the ground or inside bait stations. The latter option will also allow you to use them out in the open without having to worry about rain diluting the formula.

While these anticoagulant blocks are farmers’ favorites, I also recommend them to the average homeowner dealing with a chipmunk infestation. The fact that you can use them both inside and outside makes them even more convenient.

  • Good value for money
  • Powerful apple attractant
  • Blocks work with bait stations
  • Great reputation
  • Not the fastest-acting formula

Many things attract chipmunks. The Ramik Green is an interesting fish-flavored attractant. It uses a first-generation anticoagulant, Diphacinone, and will kill a variety of other rodents too.

The formula is fast-acting, with results showing within five days. Of course, this time frame is valid only for chipmunks that eat a lethal dose. That can vary depending on the size of the animal.

One thing that sets this formula apart from others is the quality of the flavoring ingredients. The pellets have an interesting texture too. However, they may break apart if you try to stake them into the ground.

That’s why I recommend placing these in bait stations that can secure them without puncturing the pellets. That way, chipmunks won’t be able to steal them. That can save you money in the long run and give you a better idea of how good they work in your specific situation.

  • Almost food-grade attractant
  • Highly palatable
  • Fast-acting anticoagulant
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • A bit harder to secure due to the pellet shape and texture

The Farnam Just One Bite II comes in the form of bait chunks. At two ounces per piece, you get 8lbs of this unique formulation, ideally-suited to handle a wide range of rodents. Originally intended as a mice and rat killer, the One Bite II is a popular chipmunk bait too.

The formula uses Bromadiolone as the main ingredient. That makes it fast-acting and should take care of your rodents in up to five days once they start feeding on the chunks. However, since chipmunks are smaller, you may see results a bit faster too.

One of the best things about these bait chunks is the fact that they feature nibble ridges. That makes it easier for rodents to sink their teeth in and chew.

Keep in mind that these are not as palatable as other similar products. It may help to spread some sort of bait on top of the chunks to ensure that chipmunks, rats, and mice eat enough to get a lethal dose in quickly.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Bromadiolone main ingredient
  • Nibble ridges for easier chewing
  • Good value for money
  • Might need a secure bait station

If you’re looking for an all-weather rodenticide, this may be the right product for you. It can kill a wide range of rodents, including chipmunks, thanks to its excellent palatability and superior weather resistance.

The great thing about the 750 TopGun is that rain doesn’t inflate the bait blocks, nor does it dilute the attractant. It is also a neat alternative to others since it comes in 128 block pails.

I also recommend the TopGun if you’re looking to get rid of your infestation quickly. The Bromethalin-based formula acts fast and can kill a chipmunk within 48 hours after consumption.

The blocks should also last a long time as the rodents will stop feeding on them once they ingest a lethal dose. That’s also called as stop-feed action.

One of the ingredients, Bitrex, acts as a child consumption deterrent, which is a neat safety measure. That said, I would still advise being careful with the bait placement. Keep it away from kids and pets.

  • Child consumption deterrent
  • Very fast-acting formula
  • Stop-feed action
  • Great weather resistance
  • Might need to smear blocks with more bait

This Havoc 8lbs pail comes with some very potent pellets. They’re small and easy to put into any type of bait station or trap. And small enough to stuff into wall cracks, tight corners in the attic, and other places that chipmunks and other rodents frequent.

A single feeding should be enough for one small rodent, such as a chipmunk. The pellets seem more appropriate for this task, too, although Havoc offers the same formulation in bait block and meal bait forms, too.

One of the ingredients is Bitrex. It’s always good to see as it is a known child deterrent. Palatability is another selling point for this product. While it may not be the fastest-acting formula, it does use a second-generation anticoagulant. The result of this is an active time close enough to some neurotoxin alternatives.

  • Contains a child deterrent
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Highly palatable
  • Small and easy to use
  • Anticoagulants take a bit longer to work

The Motomco Tomcat Mouse and Rat Place Pacs is one of the toughest rodent poisons on the market. It can dispose of small rodents like chipmunks in four days.

There are 22 blocks per pail, which should give you plenty to work with even for severe infestations. And for long-term rodent control. Each bait block weighs three ounces.

What’s also interesting is that the blocks come with paper covers. That means that you won’t need gloves or protective gear to handle them. And, due to the palatability of the baits, rodents will chew through the paper to get at them.

While this could be a valid option for outdoor use, I recommend using the Tomcat Place Pacs mostly indoors. However, due to them coming in the form of packets, they might not fit into every bait station.

I recommend using these in harder to reach places, to avoid pets and kids reaching them.

  • Very safe to handle
  • Large pellets
  • Palatable formula
  • Fast-acting
  • Not for every type of bait station

The Neogen Cykill is a neurotoxin rodenticide. The tiny pellets come in 4lbs jugs, and you can use them with or without traps and bait stations.

The formula contains Bromethalin, which is known for its fast-acting effect. I recommend this formulation because of chipmunk eating habits. That’s because one feeding should be more than enough to ingest a lethal dose.

That means that it shouldn’t take more than two days for you to start seeing results. The palatability of the formula is a bit in question. Since the pellets primarily aim at rats and mice, chipmunks might not flock towards them. But this is easily fixed by smearing the pellets with something more appealing.

Note that the formula is potentially harmful to pets and humans too. So I recommend using the pellets inside bait stations. Or at least in hard-to-reach places, where rodents may hide or nest in.

  • Will fit any bait station
  • Easy to chew on
  • Neurotoxin rodenticide
  • Good value for money
  • Not the most impressive palatability

What to Look For in Chipmunk Bait

Three things make a chipmunk bait better than the rest – palatability, formula concentration, and bait size and shape.

Many people prefer using pellets or bait blocks, depending on their surroundings and on how many rodents they’re trying to eliminate.

You should also compare palatability between various products. Some formulas come with powerful attractants and flavors, while others focus more on the poison. Or, as you can see, some rodenticides tend to aim at mice or rats, rather than chipmunks.

There’s nothing wrong with not getting the most delicious bait poison, as long as you remember to coat the blocks with something that chipmunks won’t be able to resist.

Last but not least, the size and shape of a pellet or block can determine its success. I find that blocks ridges on pellets tend to be more appealing as chipmunks prefer chewing on them.

Notes on Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether you plan on using chipmunk bait inside or outside your home or store, it’s best not to leave them in the open.

Using bait stations is recommended to prevent other types of rodents from eating the bait. They can also help prevent kids and pets from gnawing away at the poisonous pellets.

When using this type of product outdoors, another factor comes into play – weather. Not all bait blocks can handle humidity, let alone rain or splashing from an irrigation system.

Therefore, if you need outdoor-specific baits and poisons, make sure that those pellets or bait blocks don’t expand too much when wet. And make sure that the formula doesn’t get diluted easily in humid weather.

Anticoagulants vs. Neurotoxins

Anticoagulants are perhaps the most popular active ingredients in rodenticides. First and second-generation anticoagulants can dispose of small rodents like chipmunks, mice, and rats in four to six days.

That depends on the potency of the formula, of course, and how much the rodent eats. Neurotoxins work considerably faster. But, they are also more dangerous for pets and kids. Therefore, you need to be more careful with the bait placement and wear appropriate clothing while handling them.

The choice between these two types of rodenticides should come down to budget and urgency. Also, the palatability will affect the rate of success more than the actual poison. After all, it’s all about getting the chipmunks to eat enough bait.

Stop-Feed Action and Why You Should Care About It

That might be very important to you if you’re on a tight budget. Stop-feed action means getting the rodent to stop eating the bait once it has ingested a lethal dose. Therefore, less product gets wasted, and you can get more rodents with a single block.

Note that this is usually specific to bait blocks and meals. Pellets and other small bait configurations typically don’t have this feature.

How to Enhance Chipmunk Bait

As already mentioned, not all chipmunk baits are indeed chipmunk baits. Some rodenticides focus on rats and mice. That means that chipmunks might not find them particularly tasty. But, since the same active ingredients can kill both mice and chipmunks, you can still take advantage of them.

Smearing some peanut butter on bait blocks or pellets is a great way to get a chipmunk’s attention. Some apple-flavored baits have also proven to be very successful. Chipmunks also like peanuts, raisins, prunes, cereal, and even corn.

If you add some of these ingredients to not-so-tasty bait blocks, you will have a higher chance of dealing with your rodent infestation.

A Great Alternative to Traps

Traps can get messy and still involve some danger while setting them up. That’s why I often recommend using baits and poisons to eliminate chipmunks off your property. Most of the time, they will die out of sight, and there will be no cleaning up for you to do.

Of course, picking the right type of bait is essential. Hopefully, the tips and product recommendations in this article will steer you in the right direction and help you clean the house fast.

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