6 Best Dallisgrass Killers – How to Get Rid of Them

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You’ve seen it year after year and now it’s time to finally get rid of it. The sworn enemy of every lawn care aficionado and the weed that is truly relentless.


No one wants it in their lawn, yet it always invites itself. Unlike crabgrass that dies off in the colder months, Dallisgrass simply goes dormant, but come the summer time it will reemerge.

This makes it difficult to get rid of because there’s not a chance to get it before it germinates since it’s already germinated. But, now it’s time to take back your lawn and leave it looking like a professionally manicured lawn once again!

Best Dallisgrass Killers - Get Rid of them for Good

Target 6 Plus includes MSMA, a known safe, killer against Dallisgrass, and a surfactant that allows you to get more out of the container than typical pre-mixed containers.

Products that come as a concentrate rather than a premixed solution are typically more economical purchases since you typically only use a few ounces at a time, rather than the whole container.

This product is great for not only Dallisgrass, but also for any kind of broadleaf weed such as Virginia Buttonweed, and Bermuda grass. It is a post-emergent killer, meaning that it’s designed to attack weeds that have already started to grow, not before they crop up from the ground. Target 6 Plus can be used as pre-emergent too, but it may take a lot more product to kill it.

It is best used when it is hot outside, preferably 90 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. The hotter, the better. Just handle with care when you are applying this product because there is a risk you run of staining the surrounding grass.

It may be beneficial to check the weather too and make sure there isn’t rain in the forecast for the day because there potentially could be run off if the product doesn’t have a chance to dry for a few hours.

  • Contains MSMA and surfactant
  • Post-emergent killer
  • Effective for several types of weeds
  • Heavy application restrictions

When searching for a weed killer, a common concern is ensuring the product doesn’t stain your lawn, but also effectively kills the target weed. Southern Ag 2,4-D is the best product to put that concern to rest because it will specifically target the weed itself and not risk staining or damaging most grasses.

Additionally, this solution can be sprayed over many different types of surfaces including turf. Everyone knows how expensive it is to install or even replace turf but rest assured knowing that Southern Ag 2, 4-D won’t stain your investment.

Rather than buying a pre-mixed solution, it comes as a concentrate. You’ll have to mix it yourself, but this saves you money in the long run because you can get far more out of it.

The product serves as a post-emergent weed killer, meaning it’s best used after the weed itself has grown past the surface of the ground. This solution is best to combat Dallisgrass, but also against other broadleaf weeds that may be lurking your yard as well.

  • Can be applied on variety of surfaces
  • Won’t leave stains
  • Comes as a concentrate
  • Will not work on pre-emergent weeds

Dallisgrass is a persistent weed that will take over your yard if you let it. This herbicide is specifically curated to attack the weed at the root, stopping it from continuing to invade the yard.

Attacking the root on any weed is important, but even more so on Dallisgrass, considering in the winter times, they just lay dormant instead of dying off.

 The biggest thing to look out for when it comes to using BioAdvanced All-in-One is the directions. They are pretty specific and if not used exactly as stated on the label, it could do more harm than good.

This product comes as a concentrate so following the label for proper mixing rates will be important. But, when used correctly, it is rainproof in about an hour! Even better, BioAdvance is putting 25% more of the concentrate in each bottle which means more bang for your buck.

  • Attacks at the root
  • Kills 200 broadleaf weeds
  • Rainproof an hour after application
  • 25% more in each container
  • Very specific instructions, otherwise could damage yard

RoundUp Weed and Grass Killer, enhanced with FastAct Technology, comes as a concentrate. This technology assures that if you properly follow the directions on the label, that there will be visible results in 12 hours!

This solution can be used as a pre and post-emergent, but if used as a post-emergent, you may need to use more product to truly get rid of the weeds. It is also important to keep in mind that this product is non-selective, meaning that there isn’t one specific plant that it targets.

Knowing this, it is important to carefully read and follow the directions on the label because you do not want to treat a weed in your yard and unnecessarily harm the rest of your yard as well. I would suggest checking the weather before application, because if rain is in the forecast for the day then you run a high risk of runoff.

This product comes as a concentrate, so you will have to follow the directions for mixing rates. There are options to buy a bottle in 11, 36.8, or a 64 ounces, which makes having choices to be more economical considering one quart of this product will cover about 3,000 square feet.

  • Attacks at the root
  • Rainproof 30 minutes after application
  • Can be used as pre or post-emergent
  • FastAct Technology delivers noticeable results fast
  • Non-selective; can harm other plants if not careful

This formula is designed to be used mainly as a post-emergent, but it can be used as a pre-emergent. The active ingredient is MSMA, Monosodium acid methanearsonate, which is an essential component for getting rid of Dallisgrass.

In addition to the MSMA, this product also comes with a surfactant, so there is no need to buy any additional products for it. All you have to do is read the directions, mix the product, and apply it to the Dallisgrass in question.

It’s a highly potent product that comes with a few more restrictions than most generic products. First you have to see if you can even purchase this product in your state, because there are 21 different states where this product can’t even be purchased.

Once, you’ve established that you can buy it in your state, you then should carefully read through the label to see where the product can be applied because it is not meant to be put just anywhere. This is a product that can be found being used at golf courses, highways right-of-way, and sod farms.

If you’re able to use this product then rest assured it will get the job done. It is rated to cover not only Dallisgrass, but many other broadleaf plants as well including Barnyardgrass, Crabgrass, Chickweed, and Cocklebur just to name a few. It only comes in a 2.5 gallon container, so consider it an investment over purchase because it will last many springs and summers.

  • Contains MSMA
  • Effectively targets the root
  • Pre and Post Emergent
  • Will a variety of weeds
  • Heavy purchasing and application restrictions

Spectracide continues to release quality lawn care products time again. Their Lawn and Weed Killer is easy to use and safe for most species of plants, and deadly against the ones you hate. This product comes in a read-to-use container, meaning all you have to do is hook up your hose at home to the container and you’re ready.

This takes away all of the hassle that commonly comes with lawn care products like dilution rates and finding another applicator to put everything in. This product is rated to get rid of major broadleaf weeds and some grass weeds such as Dallisgrass.

Be sure to read the label thoroughly before using it, but rest assured that it is safe for most types of lawns even if you happen to miss the Dallisgrass you’re targeting.

The product is rated to target the root of the Dallisgrass stopping it from continuing growth. There should be noticeable results in only about 5 hours after application and it’s even ready for watering or rainfall in 3 hours after applying it to your weeds.

Although it is best used as a post-emergent weed killer, you can use it as a pre-emergent, but you might need to use more product on the weed in question.

  • Ready-to-Use
  • Covers 250 different types of weeds
  • Targets the Root
  • Waterproof in 3 hours
  • Easy to over-dilute product with hose


Dallisgrass is one tough weed to have and will stick around as long as you let it. Even worse it will keep coming back if you don’t put a stop to it quickly.

Using the right product for the job is only half the battle won. You also got to make sure to follow every precaution and direction of the product label to finally put these weeds to bed.

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