4 Best Rabbit Traps & Effective Baits for Catching them

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Tired of sneaky rabbits invading your yard and destroying your garden? Not to mention the other pests that come with sharing the territory of rabbits. The reasons are endless, but the real question is how do we catch them?

Fortunately, there are quite a few products out there that will effortlessly and humanely capture these tiny thumpers and stop them from taking up real estate in your property.

In this article I’ll go over some of the best rabbit traps and also advise you on how to catch rabbits that may be calling your property their new home. 

Best Rabbit Traps for Safe and Humane Control

The Havahart 1079 is the epitome of traditional traps. The saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” holds some truth with the Havahart 1079. This trap is simple, yet effective for both humans and rabbits.

When designing this trap, Havahart definitely kept in mind safety because this trap is meant to protect both the catcher and the animal itself. When an animal is caught in a trap, it is only natural for them to start panicking and going crazy. The elevated behavior makes it more likely for the animal to attack its capturer, but this trap flawlessly stands in the way of this. 

Keeping in mind animal safety, Havahart designed the inside of the trap to have smooth edges ensuring that the rabbit doesn’t harm itself while it’s going crazy inside the trap. Additionally, they designed a large handle guard that ensures the animal can’t attack the handler during relocation. Both the trigger rod and the door lock features are on the exterior of the trap which makes releasing the animal safe and seamless.

This trap is painless because all you need is the animal to make it inside. Once the pressure plate is triggered, the spring-loaded door quickly drops and remains locked until the handler opens the door from the outside, despite the animal’s efforts to escape.

  • Smooth inside to keep the animal safe
  • Externally operated components to protect the handler
  • Door is spring loaded
  • Large enough for more animals than just rabbits
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Only one door limits access to trap

The Kensizer Large Animal trap is a great option if you are having rabbits invading your property. The fine wiring makes it a trap for not only rabbits, but also for mice, rats, moles, and everything else of that size. Kensizer insists that the cutting and design of the wiring is precise and designed for long-lasting use.

They use a pedal trigger that is located at the very back of the trap. All an animal has to do is to merely touch the sensitive pedal and the door snaps behind it. With the pedal being in the back of the trap, the chances of the animal making it out before the door closes is greatly reduced, no matter how fast their reflexes are.

The trap door has a large handle that allows adequate room between the user and the animal when releasing the animal from the trap. Additionally, Kensizer offers free replacements to any damages done within six months of purchase.

  • Quality wiring inside and out
  • Spacious between pedal trigger and entrance
  • Good customer service
  • Will cater to animals of all sizes
  • No carrying handle

The Havahart 1030 offers not one, but two doors. The presence of two doors means a higher chance of a successful capture, because the animal isn’t forced to enter from just one side. This allows a less strategic placement, as well. 

This trap also offers a humane treatment to the animal by having smooth edges inside, ensuring that it won’t get cut up. Also, the carrying handle has a large guard built around it to keep the animal from biting or scratching the human carrier. The exterior set and release components ensure space between the human and animal, making release as easy as it can be. 

Fortunately, this trap is large enough to be used for more than just rabbits. Squirrels, skunks and other similar sized critters might also find themselves trapped, making your job even easier. 

  • Two doors
  • External handling components
  • Keeps animal safe until release
  • Large enough for other similar-sized critters
  • Rust resistant 
  • Two doors may have a higher failure rate than single door due to more components

JT Eaton has been providing pest solutions for close to 100 years and still continues to provide quality products. Before even getting into the details of the product itself, it’s important to point out that JT Eaton offers a one-year warranty on this product which is a deal on its own. 

The 465N offers a gravity action spring-loaded door, trapping the rabbits safely and securely. The inside wiring is smoothed over for protecting the animal. There’s a handle guard to protect you from the animal if it decides to get one last strike in. 

Additionally, the 465N is collapsible, saving you space in the garage, shed, or work truck when it’s not in use. The single-door trap is perfect for rabbits or other animals of relatively the same size.

  • Smoothed over interior for animal protection
  • Large carrying guard for carrier’s protection
  • Collapsible
  • 1 year brand warranty
  • None

Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Rabbits?

Rabbits may be cute and adorable, but what you also don’t see is the damage that comes in that tiny ball of fur. Gardens act as a delicious buffet nestled in the safety net of your yard or even worse, your home.

If a cute rabbit finds its way into your crawl space, you might as well put horns on and demonize it because they will wreak havoc on anything.

Nothing seems worse than replacing wiring that was chewed off by a rabbit. Of course, there’s fixing damaged insulation that is causing your energy bill to skyrocket.

But even worse than everything previously mentioned? Death. The lingering odor if they were to die inside the walls of your home would be permanently ingrained in your nose.

Overall, it’s best to catch the rabbits, before the rabbits find their way into your wallet!

Effective Rabbit Baits

You may have read our article about repellents, but if it’s past the point of laying down repellents then it’s time to trap. With trapping comes baiting and baiting for rabbits can be easier than it seems. 

Rabbits are actually easy to bait for because they are herbivores. All you really need are vegetables such as carrots, lettuce and apples, cut up of course. There are even some recommendations of spraying the trap itself with apple cider, but this isn’t as much of a requirement. 

When first integrating the trap to the rabbit’s environment, for the first few days don’t set it, just leave it out un-baited and unlocked with bait around it. This will comfort the rabbit into going inside the trap itself once you finally set it. 

The Bottom Line

Rabbits can produce a lot more harm than good to your home that looking cute and cuddly cannot forgive. There’s usually no real need to kill the rabbits, but humanely trapping and relocating them can be done with ease. Now might be a good time to get control of your local rabbit population before they move into your home and it’s too late.

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