What Scents Keep Bed Bugs Away? Scents that they Hate!

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Bed bugs are uncommon but can be a nightmare when discovered in your bedroom. It is only natural that they should be removed completely.

If you’ve somehow been plagued by bed bugs there are viable, cost-effective solutions that will permanently rid them from your bedroom.

You can find many cheap, organic products around your house, common everyday items that bed bugs hate to smell.

Understanding the Basics of a Bed Bug Infestation

To understand how to remove a bed bug problem, you must understand the problem first. A bed bug bite can result in disease, skin rashes, psychological distress, and allergic reactions.

There are simple solutions that could remedy the existence of these bed bugs and permanently ban them from your living quarters.

To be clear, to remove the potential for bed bugs to exist, the best solution is to clean your bedroom or ensure a sterile environment.

Early Detection Methods

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide, meaning that breathing, or specifically exhaling will attract them towards your mouth.

Early detection and proper identification is the first implied remedy.

However, if a clean environment isn’t good enough, there are other solutions that will remove and inhibit the potential for these pests to multiply and flourish. Most of these remedies are cheap and will do the trick.

Professional Remedies to Bed Bug Removal

A common product used by professional exterminators is the secreted pheromones by nymphs or more specifically, the baby bed bugs.

However, these pheromones only act on males and do not dissuade females from pestering humans. To completely eradicate bed bugs, professionals use eco-friendly methods that are sure that have an impact on your bedroom.

Unsavory and Toxic Products That Kill Bed Bugs

It is well known, that rubbing alcohol can properly discourage bed bugs. They hate the smell and are revolted by its toxicity.

However, many people with a bed bug problem aren’t comfortable using this solution on their mattresses or pillows because it will leave a strong odor that might prevent sleep.

This remedy is effective in drying the bed bug body, which eventually leads to their death and permanent removal.

It is suggested to use rubbing alcohol such as this one to prevent these pests from laying eggs, and ultimately remove the chance for proliferation.

Natural, Everyday Products That Dissuade Bed Bugs

Many natural products, some already found in your garage, or kitchen will come in handy when it comes to finding viable solutions to dissuade beg bugs from harming your home environment.

Tea tree oil is a natural product and used as an essential oil to treat acne and common fungal infections like athlete’s foot. It is colorless and odorless. If you have a sensitive nose, this might be the best solution for you.

The smell of tea tree oil from this brand will repel the bed bugs successfully and alarm them into moving away from a festered area.

You will benefit in multiple ways by using this remedy. Use just a few drops to remove the threat of bed bugs and create a harmonious, pleasant bedroom that smells great.

Organic Products That Dispel Bed Bugs

Lavender oil is another natural remedy that is cost-effective and smells good. This oil is extracted from the lavender plant.

There are many types of lavender plants and essential oils which are obtained by distilling flower petals into a liquid. It can quickly eliminate bed bugs. They hate the smell as much as tea tree oil.

You can freely use this natural solution on your sheets or pillows, which will harm these pests and deter them from sticking around, or even returning.

Using this product will help you sleep, while also giving you peace of mind knowing that it will effectively remove bed bugs.

Another common organic remedy for eliminating bed bugs is neem oil. This product is a vegetable-based substance pressed from neem seeds. It is an organic solution that can be purchased at any grocery store and bed bugs hate the smell.

Effective Powders to Eliminate Bed Bugs

There are also many powders that are cheap and effective to eliminate bed bugs. One of these is diatomaceous earth, a scented product that bed bugs despise.

The trick is to position the powder where the infestation is most prevalent, and by doing so, this will dehydrate the bed bug and ultimately kill it.

This remedy is effective but it might have a strong, unpleasant odor for humans.

Once bed bugs are properly exterminated, vacuum and clean the residual product to eliminate the remaining smell. Keep in mind, this is a gradual remedy, and will not instantly kill bed bugs.

Pepper and cinnamon are other effective remedial powders that bed bugs hate to smell. However using these items on your sheets and pillows seems counter-intuitive, but this remedy will dissuade bed bugs from continuing their unholy process.

Kitchen Items That Bed Bugs Hate to Smell

Another common item found in the kitchen that bed bugs hate to smell is anything citrus, like a lemon extract solution. This scent is pleasing for humans but toxic for bed bugs.

You can easily make a lemon solution spray and layer it on your pillow, sheets, or any affected area. This will deter these pests from coming into contact with you, and as a result, entice them to leave the bedroom for good.

Consider Professionals Before Using Natural Products

Many of these products can be found in your home. However, I recommend that you contact a local pest control agency so that you can get a professional assessment of the situation.

Your health is important and should be treated as a priority. If you want to permanently ban these pests from your life, this might be the best solution for you. It is only a phone call away, and it will rid the problem permanently.

Feel free to try any of these natural remedies to see if they could have a lasting impact on bed bugs. You won’t regret it.

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