Termidor vs Sentricon vs Trelona – What’s Most Effective for Termites?

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There’s nothing like a termite infestation to make a homeowner’s heart drop! These invasive little munchers can do a lot of damage to your home. Once they are settled into your walls and ceilings, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available for termite extermination! Termidor, Sentricon, and Trelona are three of the top termite treatments out there. Which one is best for you? Keep reading to find out!

About Termites

According to The National Pest Management Association, termites cost U.S. homeowners approximately $5 billion in damage every year!

Termites build their colonies underground. A single colony can house millions of termites. They are constantly on the hunt for food. Unfortunately, their food is wood. This means they will eat your home once they get inside. They can squeeze through a crack or hole that is only 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm).

What Is Termidor?


Termidor Suspended Concentrate (SC) is a liquid ground treatment designed to kill termites and prevent future infestations. It is available for purchase by individuals, and is intended for do it yourself style pest control.

The active ingredient in Termidor SC is fipronil, the same ingredient used in low doses to treat dogs and cats for fleas. The insecticide bonds to soil and clay, and will not wash away. In fact, it can remain effectively in the ground for up to 14 years.


Termidor requires a two step process. First, you need to treat the infestation directly. If you can find where the termites have permeated your home, you can address the problem. You may need to drill holes in the home in order to have better access to the termites.  Once you have accessed their hiding place, attack with Termidor foam.

Next, create a protective barrier against termites around the exterior of your home. Dig a 6″ wide x 6″ deep trench right next to the exterior walls of the house. Follow the mixing instructions for application. Mix Termidor SC with water in the recommended ratios. Pour the solution into the trench all around the outside of the home.

Replace the soil in the trench, then treat that soil as well. A sprayer may be a good application tool for this step.


If you follow the two-step approach, Termidor is nearly 100 percent effective for termite barrier protection.


  • Less expensive than bait stations
  • Available for DIY termite prevention and extermination
  • Extremely effective
  • Provides a continuous barrier against termites
  • Immediate termite control
  • Long-lasting
  • Low hazard to humans and pets
  • Acts as termite prevention


  • Can lead to water contamination
  • May require drilling into wood and concrete
  • Requires trench digging around the exterior of the home
  • Toxic to bees, birds, and fish

What is Sentricon?


Sentricon is a nationwide pest control company that deals specifically with termite infestations. Their products are distributed via local, independent pest control companies that have been trained on the installation and maintenance of the Senticron system. Sentricon has been in the termite extermination business since 1995.

Sentricon uses bait stations around the perimeter of the home. The bait is even more attractive to the termites than wood. The termites will eat the bait, and carry it back to the colony.

The active ingredient in Sentricon bait stations is noviflumuron. This toxin prevents the termites from molting. They have to molt in order to survive. The termites affected by the bait will eventually die.


Sentricon systems are only available through licensed pest control specialists. To find a specialist, visit this page. The Sentricon equipment is not available for sale to individual consumers. It must be purchased through and installed by a professional.

Once you set up your appointment, a pest control specialist will evaluate your home, then install the bait stations at intervals on the outside of the house. You will need to sign up for a yearly maintenance contract to keep the stations loaded and in working order.


Sentricon prides itself in completely eradicating the entire termite colony. It is an extremely effective method of termite control. It may take up to a year for every single termite to disappear, but they will disappear.


  • Extremely effective
  • Hidden bait stations make it safe for pets and families
  • Low water contamination risk
  • Easily installed and maintained by a professional
  • Acts as termite prevention


  • Expensive to install
  • Yearly maintenance fees
  • Is not accessible for homeowners to self-install
  • Takes time before all the termites are dead
  • Barrier gaps are more likely

What Is Trelona?


Trelona uses a bait station method of termite control that is available for purchase by individuals. Trelona systems are also available for purchase, installation, and maintenance by a professional pest control company.

Trelona and Sentricon are direct competitors for the termite bait market. Trelona is manufactured by BASF Pest Control Solutions, the same company that produces the Terminor liquid barrier method of termite control.

The active ingredient in Trelona is novaluron. It is a growth inhibitor that prevents molting, similar to the active ingredient in Sentricon. A termite that cannot molt will die. The worker termites carry the novaluron back to the nest, and, eventually, all the termites are affected. These bait stations are intended for outside use only!


You have two installation options with Trelona. You can hire a local pest control specialist who will install and maintain the system for you. Trelona is distributed to local companies via area representatives.

The other option is to install and maintain the system yourself. This option will save you a significant amount of money! The Trelona bait system is available directly from the manufacturer, or from Amazon, as well as from other distributors.

For DIY bait station installation, you will need bait stations, the wood insert, and the compressed bait cartridge (which contains the active ingredient for termite control). The loaded bait stations should be installed at least 3 feet from the home, 5-20 feet apart, surrounding the perimeter of the house.


The manufacturers of Trelona say their system is more effective than Sentricon due to the larger perimeter of the bait stations, and the updated bait formula. However, Trelona has only been around since 2014, so they have had less time to prove themselves.

In spite of the newness of Trelona, all initial studies show no termite activity in areas treated with Trelona within four months.


  • Larger bait stations may be more attractive to termites
  • Available for DIY install, or installation by a professional
  • Less expensive if the system is installed yourself
  • Very effective against termites
  • New insect growth inhibitor formula may be more effective
  • Acts as termite prevention


  • More expensive than a liquid barrier
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Newer, less proven system
  • Barrier gaps are possible with a bait system
  • Takes time before all the termites are exterminated

Final Thoughts

Even though termites are bad news, there is good news, too! Whether you are a DIY specialist or prefer to rely on professionals, there are a lot of termite extermination options out there. You should be able to find an effective solution within your budget to get rid of these pesky, little wood munchers.

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  1. I signed a termite bond 4 years ago, very expensive and make yearly bond renewal payments. This well known termite company I am associated with installed bait stations and my bond states it is with the Sentricon system. Last year the company’s local representative said they were upgrading my system to a better product, Trelona. After much discussion in particular, what was the difference, my next concern was my bond states specifically Sentricon. When I questioned the validity of my bond should I have an issue in the future … as agreement states Sentricon NOT Trelona, I was concerned. I was then informed no issues as they are ONE IN THE SAME. I asked for something in writing indicating the company was making the change and asked for a signature. That was last year, after a number of conversations, I simply put ‘it’ on the back burner, still feeling very uneasy. The change was made, Sentricon systems removed and Trelona bait stations installed (in a very unprofessional manner by the installer).
    Now a year later, yearly bond renewal amount due in a few weeks. Decided this was too important, contacted the number for this national, well known company left message asking for a call back. Received a call back, spoke with a woman for 25 minutes expressing the above. The conversation kept returning to … this was an upgrade benefit to me AND therefore there would be no change in the bond. I should basically be at ease.
    This did not ease my concern at all. The woman finally said she would connect me to the local location/representative. This was the same gentleman who assured me last year, while there was no change in the bond validity (Sentricon vs Trelona) is I needed something in writing he would provide me with a copy of the original bond and would simply write the change and sign. This was exactly what he told me several times last year. I decided, ok … let’s see where this goes. It has now been three weeks. No correspondence.

    All of this to say, I very much appreciate such a precisely written informative article on the DIFFERENCE between Sentricon and Trelona.

    It now appears I have additional work ahead of me. At least I am now more informed. Life is a learning experience.

    Thank you.


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