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Clovers are often praised in Irish culture, but once these little guys find their way into your lawn, it can truly be devastating.

When it comes to clovers invading your yard, it’s quite the opposite of good ole Irish luck. Pesky clovers can be quite difficult to kill, but with the right products and persistence, they can be a thing of the past.

This article is going to feature the best clover killers for your lawn. I want your yard to look like a perfect Kodak moment, so let’s find a way to keep clovers out of the way.

Best Clover Killers to Protect Your Lawn

Bonide has been around for a long time (1926 to be exact!) and if someone knows herbicide, it’s them. The New York based company offers an herbicide that not only takes care of pesky clovers in your yard, but also chickweeds and oxalis.

The product itself comes solely as a concentrate, so following the label for dilution rates is required. However, they make it simple. Mixing your own solution allows you to achieve a more specific dilution rate for your yard which will reap better results. If mixing your own dilution seems too extensive, fear not because they also offer ready to use solutions.

Each container can last up to 5,000 square feet of coverage which means a little goes a long way. Rain or shine, the product can be used in any weather. The fast-acting product will begin to reveal results within 1 to 2 days of application and is safe for your lawn.

  • Fast-acting
  • Rainproof
  • Covers up to 100 different types of weeds, including clovers
  • Needs to be diluted. Does not come with an applicator

This product comes with a ready-to-spray applicator for easy use. There is an attachable hose hook up on the container for easy access, meaning there is no need to mix or measure! If you would prefer to dilute the solution into a larger applicator, this also is an option and the bottle has all the directions you would need for that.

The product won’t harm your lawn as long as you carefully follow the directions on the bottle. It is rainproof after about 6 hours when the product sets in and begins to work on your weeds. It is designed to kill the root of the clover and other weeds and will treat up to 6,400 square feet of lawn.

Not only is this product great for clovers, but it kill other weeds too. From spring to fall, this product can cover weeds such as Chickweed, Oxalis, Creeping Charlie, Speedwell, and even Wild Violet. This is a very well-rounded product for almost all weed invaders that you may find in your yard.

  • Comes with Ready-to-Use applicator
  • Covers up to 6,400 square feet of lawn
  • Kills clovers, oxalis, chickweed, wild violet, and many more
  • Needs to be diluted

Next on the list is a different method of control which kills clovers while simultaneously helping with the growth of your lawn. Scott’s Weed and Feed is designed to grab hold of the roots of the clovers as they grow and stop them in their tracks. It holds onto the roots before they grow too much which consequently halts the growth cycle.

The other interesting aspect of this product is that it also fertilizes the lawn, promoting healthy grass growth. It’s almost like you get the best of both worlds. Since it’s a fertilizer, it doesn’t require any dilution and it can feed up to 7 different types of grass.

With it not being a water-based product, it could take a little bit more precise measuring and manual labor involved since you have to spread it across the lawn.

One thing that may hold someone back from purchasing this product is if they need  something for a simple spot treatment. The Weed and Feed has a pretty heavy list of restrictions, more specifically on how often the product can be applied to the lawn, which is only about twice a year.

This can be a major turn off for those who want to simply handle occasional weed growing. But for those who consistently suffer from them throughout the whole lawn, this could be the right product to opt for.

  • Options to treat either 5,000 square feet or 15,000 square feet
  • Fertilizes lawn and stops clovers from growing
  • No dilution to worry about
  • Treats multiple types of grasses
  • Intensive Manual  application
  • Must follow directions closely or risk burning the lawn
  • Heavier list of restrictions

Southern Ag’s 2,4-D Weed Killer is great on a variety of surfaces. It's used by professionals on surfaces e.g turf, golf courses, cemeteries and professionally manicured lawns.

Turf is already a rising trend in lawns and it comes with a pretty hefty price too for installation and management. If anything were to happen to turf it can be a large bill, but fortunately this product is safe for turf.

Understandably, it can seem confusing because the bottle says it’s for broadleaf weeds, but don't sweat it because clovers fall under that classification. If you are in a hurry to get rid of these pesky weeds, then this may not be the product for you because it does take time to set in and do its job.

This product comes in a 32-ounce container or the option for a gallon if you have a larger yard to maintain. It does require understanding dilution rates. But like all herbicides, the label will instruct you on how to safely and appropriately apply the product.

  • Can be used on different types of surfaces, including turf
  • Options for 32 ounce or gallon containers
  • Can be used for spot treatment
  • Will require diluting
  • Does not come with applicator
  • Not an instant kill

Providing gardening products since 1963, Monterey’s Thistledown Weed Killer is extremely effective. In the constant argument between quality versus quantity, Thistledown takes the win for quality with no questions.

This product is designed for post-emergence control, meaning it can be used after the weed has already begun growing. Monterey’s Thistledown product is meant to kill weeds in their active growth phase, making it ideal for controlling perennial white clover. 

Though there are quite a bit of restrictions on the product on what or where to apply, the quality of the solution is the reason we buy. This is a high-quality product that definitely holds true to Monterey’s promise of eliminating pesky clovers and other weeds.

  • One container of product (8 fl. oz.) can cover from ½-⅔ acres
  • Post-Emergence control
  • Only one size option
  • Not an instant killer
  • Does not come with an applicator

Why Even Get Rid of the Clovers?

There are actually a few really good reasons for getting rid of clovers in your yard. Let’s dig into reasons why it’s important you take control of your yard before they take over yours.


This is quite simple because lawn weeds can just be a real eye sore. There is nothing worse than looking at your yard, admiring the hard work you put into it, only to have it ruined by patches of clovers popping up.

They can make a professionally manicured lawn look less than desirable as they grow throughout the yard. No one likes a patchy lawn and nothing beats the look of crisp, freshly cut grass and the aroma it exudes.


Even if you aren’t as worried about the aesthetics, you obviously do care about your clothes or that of your kids. Clovers are notorious for staining clothes.

Many people enjoy their lawns whether they’re playing with the kids or just laying back enjoying the weather. So we all want to limit how much our clothes are getting ruined.


Clovers, like many weeds, are super invasive. Once they start to grow around your lawn, it can be big uphill battle to get rid of them. They grow among your grass and feed off of it, without any of your help. If you allow them to take up real estate in your lawn, you’re surely in for it.


For those who may be in favor of clovers, consider their short lifespan. Compared to grass, clovers do not hold up to the true test of time. From outdoor activities to simple lounging, clovers aren’t nearly as strong and they can be damaged pretty easily.

The only way clovers can be strong enough is if they’re mixed with grass, but again who wants to see the patches in their yard. Grass will hold the crown over clovers as we all know.

Other Pest Invaders

Other considerations to take are having other bugs invade your lawn. Like previously mentioned, clovers give a lot of nutrients to the soil. Healthy soil means only one thing. Bugs.

Bugs feel more welcome to find home and food around clovers more than they do with grass. If any member of your household suffer from the common bee allergy, it is vital that you don’t allow clovers to grow in your yard because bees will often pay the clovers a visit.

Wrapping it all up!

Overall, clovers may symbolize good luck to most, when it comes to your lawn this is far from the truth. In the end clovers and other weeds will only hold back your lawn’s potential and maybe even do more harm than good. Armed with the right products for the job, clovers will be the least of your worries.

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