Best Weed Killers for Creeping Charlie – Effective Herbicides

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There are plenty of herbicides and weed killers out there, some more nuclear than others, but today I’m going to detail some of the best when it comes to tackling Creeping Charlie and keeping your lawn as healthy as it can possibly be.

Let’s get into it.

The Best Creeping Charlie Weed Killers

When Creeping Charlie strikes, SpeedZone is one of those herbicides you can trust to act fast, as the name suggests. Hailed as being one of the best post-emergent herbicides, SpeedZone, like most herbicides, works best in cooler weather conditions. But you will get good results with it in warmer temperatures as well.

You’ll find that the Creeping Charlie typically starts to wilt and look injured within a couple of hours from application but note that it takes between seven to 14 days for the plant to completely die. You can use this solution on other weeds, including spurge, pennywort, white clover, and dandelions, so it really is a jack-of-all-trades.

SpeedZone comes in a 20 oz. bottle (which should be enough for around 18,000sqft), although cases of 20 are available if you want to use it commercially. Just pour it into a sprayer and mix with water and you’ll be good to go. All instructions can be found clearly on the back label.

  • Great coverage from a single bottle
  • Kills weeds completely within two weeks
  • Starts working within hours
  • Works well in all temperatures, best when it’s cool
  • Not available in CA, DC, and AK

The Southern AG Amine is a concentrated formula available in a 32oz or 128oz bottle, both containing the classic dimethylamine salt formula that acts fast and kills weeds at their very core. The concentration of the active ingredient is just over 46%, which means this is some pretty potent stuff.

Since the concentration is high, you’re going to need to mix it with water and use a sprayer tool if you’re tackling spots of Creeping Charlie, rather than broadcasting it everywhere and accidentally killing a plant you want to keep. Be precise.

Fortunately, this doesn’t restrict you with where you use the formula, since it can work on lawns as well as on ornamental turfs and parkland. The ratios are pretty easy, and you’ll be looking to mix around two or three tablespoons per five or so gallons of water, but it’s all written on the label so it’s crystal-clear to follow.

All in all, the 320z bottle gives you enough juice to tackle around 1,000sqft of lawn, although large weeds may need a little extra. With an affordable price tag, Southern AG makes clearing Creeping Charlie a breeze.

  • Can be used on Broadleaf, Creeping Charlie, and more
  • Safe to use on sensitive lawns
  • The concentration of the solution can be adjusted
  • Can take up to two weeks to see an effect

Bonide is a very popular weedkiller brand, so it should come as no surprise that their solution to deal with Creeping Charlie is as effective as it gets. In fact, this solution can address and control over 100 different types of weed, including chickweeds, clovers, oxails, wild violet, and so on.

The formula of Bonide is designed specifically to kill weeds, which means you don’t have to worry about broadcast applications across your lawns. You can be more precise with spot treatment applications if you want. It’s simply not going to harm your grass, meaning you can work the way you want to.

Once applied, you’ll see the effects starting to kick in within a few hours, but you’ll get the best results if you leave it for a day or two. Make sure you don’t mow your grass during this time. Used for personal yards or by commercial landscapers and gardeners, Bonide is a complete start-to-finish solution.

  • Ready to mix solution straight out of the bottle
  • Can be broadcast applied or in spots
  • Won’t harm your lawn grass
  • Takes effect within a few hours
  • Doesn’t kill as many species of weed as other brands

Measuring in with a 32oz bottle, this VPG weed killer is another solution that offers the benefits of four powerful active ingredients (Carfentrazone, 24-D, mecoprop-p, and dicamba). This means lots of species of weed can be managed, including creeping Charlie.

The label clearly states it can handle up to 80+ species, which is more than enough for a standard yard. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with now, or potentially will deal with in the future, this weed killer has got your back.

Creating the solution is easy since you just mix it up with water following the dosage measurements on the back, and it’s worth noting it works best in cool weather conditions. If your yard is above 80 degrees, it’s going to be a little less effective, so bear that in mind if you want the best results.

Seeing as though it works well on all types of turfs, and is regarded as being pet-safe, this is a good weed killer to trust!

  • Fast-acting, usually within 14 days
  • Can kill more than 80 species of common yard weeds
  • Made using four active ingredients
  • Doesn’t work as well in hotter weather conditions

We do love a herbicide with ‘power’ in the name, and for a good reason. This post-emergent formula is designed for killing all kinds of ivy-type weeds, including spurge, as the name suggests, and others like wild violet, Oxalis, chickweeds, creeping Charlie, and many more.

Unlike other weed-killing solutions, this solution work in both cool and warm weather conditions, making it ideal for use in most seasons of the year, and a simple 1.25 fl oz in five gallons of water will see you covering 1,000 sq.ft, which is more than enough per bottle for an average-sized yard.

  • Available everywhere in the US
  • Only requires a small amount to dilute in water for extensive coverage
  • Works in both cool and warm weather
  • Tackles a large range of weed species
  • Cannot be used in California

Here's another four active ingredient solution, this time including traditional chemicals like 24-D, and Dicamba, as well as less common ones like Triclopyr and Sulfentrazone. This is a commercial-ready solution that can be used for landscape work or golf sites but is also ideal for powerful residential work.

Like all good weed killers, there’s a fast-visual response that you’ll see within a couple of hours, but you’ll see the full effects within a week or two.

The solution works best in cool weather, and surprisingly in temperatures as low as 50 degrees as well, meaning you can easily use this solution whenever you need it without having to wait for the right time of year.

  • Works in temperatures as low as 50 degrees
  • Can be used residentially and commercially
  • Hundreds of five-star reviews online
  • Visible results with 24-48 hours
  • Availability can be limited

While there’s room for all plants in nature, there are some less desirable than others, especially when it comes to the lawn in your yard, one of which being Creeping Charlie.

Public enemy number one when it comes to keeping a pristine lawn, Creeping Charlie, also known scientifically as Glechoma Hederacea, is an evergreen perennial plant.

It’s also known as ‘ground ivy’ or ‘Run-Away Robin’. It’s a low growing weed, and as the name suggests, is a creeper. If kept unchecked, it can easily take over a lawn in no time at all.

The creeper originated in Europe and was purposefully bought over by settlers as a type of ground cover and has remained in the US ever since. It thrives in shady areas and needs to be tackled as early as you find it unless you want it to become a serious problem.

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