8 Best Flea Killers for Yard – Sprays and Concentrates

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Fleas are among the hardest to kill of all insects, especially by hand. You could smash one with a hammer and still not get the job done. While indoor fleas may be more difficult to tackle at times, outdoor fleas are easy to dispose of if you use one of the best flea killers for yard maintenance.

There are many options on the market, including powerful synthetic insecticides as well as natural formulations that can exterminate fleas, ticks, and other pests that constantly pose a danger to your pets.

Best Flea Killers for Yard Treatments

Made mostly from natural essential oils, this Vet’s Best formula is one of the best flea killers for yard treatments. It’s strong enough for use by kennel boarding facilities. The potency of the formula ensures the killing of adult fleas, larvae, eggs, ticks, and even mosquitoes.

The formula kills on contact but also lingers enough to kill off the stragglers. Whether you’re getting the 32oz or 96oz spray bottles, you can use either for broadcasting applications. The hose attachment will allow you to treat entire lawns in record time.

The smaller 32oz container has enough to treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. with ease. But, keep in mind that this is a concentrate and not a ready-to-use formula. Hence the reason for the built-in hose attachment.

This formula is safe to use on plants, both edible and ornamental plants. Although it may alter the taste of your salads, fruits, and veggies, so be sure to wash them thoroughly before use.

  • Non-toxic to plants
  • Ready to use with a garden hose
  • Potent natural concentrate
  • Affordable flea killer
  • May not be as powerful as pesticides

If you’re looking for a two-in-one solution to treat your yard against the most common pests for pets, the Black Flag Flea & Tick Killer may be what you’re looking for. A single 32oz bottle is enough to treat up to 5,000 sq. ft.

The formula kills fleas of all life stages, as well as ticks, which are even more dangerous to pets for the tick-borne diseases. It can also kill other small insects and even mosquitoes, although I recommend using this particular mixture mostly on lawns and not trees, patios, and other places where mosquitoes may gather.

As a flea killer, this Black Flag formula is ideal in a way. Even though it doesn’t kill on contact, the formula has a residual control effect that lasts up to 12 weeks. Nothing short of extended heavy should mess with its killing properties.

I also like the garden hose built-in connector, which should be a good fit for standard garden hoses.

  • Garden hose connector
  • Residual control up to 12 weeks
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Quick flip sprayer design
  • May still require monitoring

This is another two-in-one type of formula, which kills unwanted harmful pests as well as repels others from your property. This is a natural formula and as a result, you can safely use this on ornamental and edible plants too, as well as brick, wooden, and painted surfaces.

The formula is non-staining and has a decent residual effect. It can kill fleas and ticks in a couple of hours or a few days, depending on how well you coat your property with it. Depending on your PSI settings, you could treat anywhere between 4,000 and 5,000 sq. ft. with a 32oz bottle container.

Because this formula doesn’t contain pesticides, you won’t have to deny your pets or kids access to the yard. This is something I find very convenient. However, I’d still recommend waiting a few hours for most of the fleas and ticks to die first.

  • Easy-to-use bottle with applicator connection
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Can be used on plants
  • Variable coverage depending on water pressure

The Envincio ExciteR is a concentrate of 66% active ingredients designed for use with foggers. The formula is rated for use indoors and outdoors for both residential and commercial areas.

As you might imagine, you need to dilute it before use. It’s usually enough to mix 3oz of concentrate per gallon for treating up to 750 sq. ft. As mentioned, it’s designed for use with foggers, particularly thermal foggers, but it can also be used with any kind of sprayer accessory you have on hand.

I like that the formula is relatively safe to use on ornamental plants and very safe to use on grass. The ExciteR flea killer should last up to a month after an application in a thermal fogger.

It’s also important to note that this formula can kill fleas of all life cycles, which means that you can use it during any season.

  • Very fast flea killer
  • A little goes a long way
  • Concentrate with 66% active ingredients
  • Safe to use on lawns and ornamental plants
  • Will need your own fogger or sprayer attachment

The Eco Defense Flea & Tick Control has been formulated to target three types of pests: mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. It does a good job of it too, even though it doesn’t use some of the harsher chemicals found in common flea killers.

The Eco Defense is a plant-based formula that contains a good amount of cedar and peppermint oil extract. Perhaps not as fast a killer as Deet and permethrin-based insecticides, it gets the job done without harming plants and animals.

Once you connect this to a garden hose, you can use the Eco Defense Flea & Tick Control to treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. This is quite impressive since you’re getting about the same coverage as 32oz of pesticides.

However, the residual control effect is not much to speak of. Unlike other products, this one doesn’t linger and has little to no repellent properties.

  • Natural formula
  • Safe for plants and pets
  • Great coverage
  • Targets three types of pests
  • Limited residual control

The Sentry Home is one of the cheapest flea killers on the market. It’s one of the best things you can use to protect your pets from the common pests lurking on your property. This concentrate, when mixed properly, can also offer long-term residual control.

Although it provides long-term protection if used around foundations, patios, and other areas, you can also use this Sentry Home pesticide on your lawn and around ornamental flower beds.

The formula may not be ready to use as is, but all you really need to get started with your treatment is a working garden hose. There’s no need to mix the concentrate in a separate container or use multiple attachments.

I also recommend this if you’re worried about more than just fleas and ticks. The formula is effective against crickets, mosquitoes, caterpillars, and a few common ant species too. That said, a 32oz bottle only covers up to 2,667 sq. ft., which is not massive. But, if you own a small property, it may be more than enough.

  • Non-staining flea killer
  • Built-in garden hose connector
  • Affordable
  • Impressive residual control effect
  • Not a maximum coverage formula

If you’re environmentally-conscious, you’re probably looking for alternative solutions to yard fleas. Not to worry, what we have here is a Natural Chemistry spray, from one of the more reliable brands of natural flea killers.

When you’re ready to take better care of your property and keep your furry friends safe, the Natural Chemistry Yard & Kennel Spray may be the solution to your problems.

This formula contains cinnamon, cedar wood, and clove oil, among other ingredients. It doesn’t contain any pyrethrin, so it won’t introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. The container comes with a standard garden hose connector, which should help you make short work of broadcasting treatments.

I can’t recommend this formula if you’re trying to kill two birds with one stone as in both fleas and ticks. However, this spray will help you control the mosquito population, which is somewhat of a nice perk.

  • Up to 4,500 sq. ft. coverage
  • Natural essential oil formula
  • Standard hose-end sprayer attachment
  • Kills fleas and mosquitoes
  • Not as effective against ticks

As the name indicates, this Martin’s formula uses permethrin as its main active ingredient. Found in a concentration of 10%, it will be an effective and fast-acting flea killer that also works for ticks and population control.

I recommend this for both residential and commercial use for two reasons. It’s a long-lasting concentrated formula and the non-staining nature of the insecticide means that you can spray it liberally over any type of surface material. Of course, you may want to avoid treating indoor carpeted areas with it if you have to use the areas the next day.

Depending on how severe your flea infestation is, you can try different mixtures. 6.7oz of pesticide for every gallon of water is considered enough for severe infestations, though you could go as light as 1.3oz per gallon for regular flea control.

You should know that you’ll need your own sprayer to use the Martin’s Permethrin Multi-Purpose Insecticide.

  • Highly potent permethrin formula
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-staining
  • Clear and easy mixing instructions
  • No dispersal accessories included

Natural vs. Synthetic Flea Killers

There are a couple of things to consider in this debate. First of all, most flea killers are not very toxic but they can still introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. Some can also mess with plant life and be harmful to pets, if not used correctly.

Therefore, natural flea killers are a lot easier and safer to use. Are they overall better? It depends on the situation. Most essential oil-based formulas will kill fleas as well as ticks, just not as fast. Sometimes you may still have to deny your pets access to the yard until you’re sure that the formula has worked.

What You Need to Know About Sprays and Concentrates

While there are plenty of ready-to-use aerosol flea killers for indoor use, there aren’t that many for treating your lawn. Why? Because lawns and yards are big and require a lot of product. You’d have to use a tone of aerosol spray, not to mention walking a great distance to spray a little area at a time.

I recommend concentrates for yards, but not just any kind. Ready-to-use concentrates are different in that they come in bottles or containers which can be directly connected to a garden hose sprayer.

This type of attachment is almost imperative, unless you’re a pro who has sprayers and foggers at your disposal. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to go for the concentrates that require manual mixing.

Flea Extermination Tips

Like all other pests, fleas can die quickly or slowly, depending on what you’re using to get rid of them. Even though some flea killers have absolutely no effect on your pets once applied, this doesn’t mean that you should let your pets hang around the area after using a flea killer.

If you’re using a natural product or something else that doesn’t kill on contact, there’s a chance that the fleas will flock onto your pet’s coat and hang on for dear life. Unless you’re already using a topical flea treatment like Frontline on your pets, then you can just ignore the above.

You should also carefully consider whether the flea killer you’re using is something you should be using both inside and outside your home. Some formulas can be harmful to carpeting, others can stain, and others can be too toxic even for humans.

Fleas Be Gone

Exterminating fleas is not difficult if you know what to use. Depending on the weather, what type of fleas are on your property, and the layout of your property, some flea killers will work better than others.

Whether you’ve already picked the best flea killer for your yard or you’re using the above tips to find something that will help your pets remain healthy and happy, it’s best to stop postponing the issue. As you can see, all of my recommended flea killers are way more affordable than a few months of Frontline topical flea treatment for one dog.

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