Best Mosquito Yard Sprays & Repellents for All-Year-Round Use

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Are you one of those people that suffer from the sweet blood syndrome? You know, the one that makes mosquitoes flock to you just to take a nibble. If you are, then using one of the best mosquito yard sprays & repellents may be mandatory if you want to enjoy a few nights out on the patio alone, or with guests.

My list contains both synthetic and natural insecticides that are ideal for outdoor use. Most of them are completely safe, but even those that require some care when handling, are easy to work with. Check them out before you put in a call to your local exterminator.

7 Best Mosquito Yard Sprays - Pet Safe & Regular Repellents

You may be asking yourself why would I recommend a flea and tick insecticide against mosquitoes. I chose this product because it’s very good at repelling all types of pests. It can deal with mosquitoes just as well as it can deal with ticks. It even works against flies, roaches, some small scorpions, and others.

I also like it because it doesn’t have an awful odor associated with it like some formulas do. Smoke and fumes are not an issue either, since the spray formula doesn’t react with anything. The Wondercide container can cover 8,000 square feet.

You should also know that you can spray it anywhere, including the lawn, trees, plants, all without worrying about damaging the plant life. Another interesting property is an almost immediate effect.

As for the residual effect, it’s not super impressive but it should last a few weeks if it doesn’t rain too much or if you don’t run into windy weather. Finally, there aren’t any harsh chemicals in the formula that can affect mammals, so your kids and pets won’t be in danger.

  • Works against most common pests
  • Pet and kid-safe
  • Odorless formula
  • Starts working immediately after application
  • Slightly expensive

The Bifen Bifenthrin I/T insecticide is also a termiticide. The formula is effective against ants, roaches, mosquitoes, termites, carpenter ants, and many other common household pests. It is also professional-grade which makes good for use in commercial settings.

Unlike some other formulas that come in aerosol cans or spray bottles, this one needs some mixing. You can adjust the concentration from 0.2oz to 2oz per gallon of water. I recommend using close to 2oz if you’re spraying for mosquitoes. That way, the effect will last longer.

The concentration of bifenthrin is 7.9% in 96oz of Bifen I/T. That’s quite potent and surprisingly odorless. It may not be the safest insecticide to use near edible plants, but as long as you spray it high around your property, particularly near light sources, you’ll be set for a long time.

If you spray it on the ground, let it sit for about three hours before letting your pets and kids roam freely on the lawn.

  • Comes in a 96oz container
  • Odorless formula
  • Works on over 75 pests
  • Adjustable concentration
  • Contains some harsh chemicals

If your home is bug-infested, a fogger can be a great way to deal with things. The Cutter Backyard Bug Control fogger has been specially formulated for outdoor use. But, this is just one of the reasons why I recommend it against mosquitoes.

You can find it in two, six, and other combo packs, or you can buy a single fogger if you don’t need more. However, I almost always recommend buying and using at least two foggers even for a small property. The mist will kill mosquitoes and many other flying insects on contact.

The cans have a wide and powerful dispersal rate. Their ability to spray the mist high up in the air also makes it easy to set up this fogger. You can put it on a chair or table and just let it work its magic. However, note that this is not a repellent.

It has little to no residual control. What it does is kill insects really fast, allowing you to enjoy a late night BBQ party with friends and family without having to use a noisy zapper. It’s also best used in somewhat enclosed areas like decks and patios.

  • Kills on contact
  • Optimal dispersal rate for outdoor use
  • Works on ants, wasps, and other pests
  • Available in multiple packages
    • Can’t use it while you’re using the affected space

If you don’t like handling chemicals and mixing your own formula, then a ready-to-use spray is perhaps a better fit for you. This Eco Defense spray bottle holds 32oz of formula and can be used to treat up to 5,000 square feet.

The formula kills fleas and mosquitoes on contact. But, it also lingers for a while and provides some residual control, meaning you won’t have to spray your property every couple of days. There aren’t any harsh chemicals that can harm your pets in this formula. Most of the ingredients are natural derivates, which are becoming more and more popular.

Cedar and peppermint oils are among the main active ingredients. What this means for you is that the spray is not odorless. But, it does have a pleasant scent. You can effectively use it to spray your patio at night while  entertaining your guests and no one will lose any nose hair over it.

The value of one canister is very impressive. Even more impressive if you consider that each Eco Defense canister comes with a sprayer attached, and a hose long enough to reach every last drop of the formula.

  • Minimal waste
  • Pleasant minty scent
  • Offers residual control
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals
  • May need to spray more to get the same effect as with other insecticides

If you’re looking to bulk buy mosquito repellent and you live in a humid environment, I suggest taking a look at the Colton’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent. You can find it in 128oz canisters and it has Colton’s proprietary natural formula.

After soaking the infested area with Colton’s mist, you should be safe for at least two weeks. And, since this repellent is made for outdoor use, there’s no need to worry about soaking. This formula is supposed to sink into trees, the ground, plants, and so on.

Since this is such a large container, you should understand that you’ll need your own spray bottle. I recommend using up to 12oz of formula per gallon of water if you can’t set a foot outside without getting bitten. But, if all you need is to repel a few bugs and mosquitoes, then a 4oz package may be sufficient.

You can also spray it on edible plants without ruining their taste or poisoning them. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still wash them before ingesting. Lastly, I find it to be a much better, safer and longer-lasting alternative to traditional methods like mosquito coils.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Can get it in 128oz containers
  • Long shelf life
  • Residual control up to 4 weeks
  • Mix-it-yourself spray

The Raid Yard Guard Mosquito Fogger comes in a standard three-pack with each fogger containing 20oz of Raid’s proprietary formula. The effect lasts for up to six hours and one container should be enough to handle a 30’ x 30’ outdoor area.

This may not sound like much. However, consider the following facts. The mist is almost odorless, though it resembles dish soap slightly. Secondly, it kills on contact and doesn’t require you to leave the area while it works. It’s also a rather affordable fogger, all things considered.

If you don’t mind soaking your patio in mosquito spray, then one container of the Raid Yard Guard can do the trick. Now, some may argue that Raid is known for its use of harsh chemicals to get the job done. Even though the Raid Yard Guard definitely contains some powerful chemicals, you can just avoid spraying it over edible plants.

Besides, it’s only harmful if you ingest it immediately. Once it settles on the ground and on the tables and chairs, it won’t affect you anymore.

  • Kill-on-contact spray
  • Time-released fogger
  • Effective against other flying pests too
  • Barely noticeable odor
  • Contains some harmful chemicals

The Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer is a powerful concentrate that you can use on your lawn, trees, and other areas around your property to kill mosquitoes and keep other pests out. It also comes in a ready-to-spray 32oz bottle.

The sprayer nozzle doesn’t have an adjustable dispersal pattern. However, the pattern is wide enough to allow you to treat large areas really fast. In terms of efficiency, you should know that this formula works against more than 260 species of insects, aside from your garden variety mosquitoes.

Finally, the residual control of about three weeks is not bad either. This means that one 32oz canister will be more than enough to keep you covered throughout the summer, or even longer. And, if you want to spray it on your walls, deck, or patio, feel free to do that because the formula doesn’t stain.

  • Odorless and non-staining
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Works on well over 260 pests
  • Kills on contact
  • Contains harsh chemicals

Sprays vs Foggers - Are There Any Real Differences?

There’s not that big of a difference between foggers and sprays when it comes to mosquito repellents. However, many people confuse foggers with smoke bombs. There’s no smoke and no fumes with mosquito foggers.

In fact, in some cases, it’s more convenient to use a fogger since you can set it down, activate it, and go about your day. But, if you need top-notch efficiency, manual application will always be the best approach.

Natural vs Chemical Sprays and Repellents

These days, natural ingredients can kill off mosquitoes quite efficiently and provide residual control for days and weeks to come, even outside. It all depends on how well the manufacturer blends the ingredients together.

On the other hand, chemical mosquito sprays are a lot more common. Sometimes, they’re a lot cheaper too, and there’s no question about how efficient they are. But, some active ingredients are more toxic than the others, and require more careful planning.

If you’re conscientious about pet and human safety, you’ll probably want to stick to natural ingredients and avoid chemicals. But, as you can see from the products in this article, there are plenty of synthetic insecticides that won’t affect your pets, kids, or your plants.

Cubic Feet Coverage – Does It Matter?

Yes and no. A lot of manufacturers boast about the properties of their sprays and foggers and tell you that they can treat spaces this big or that big. But this is a very relative concept, as it depends on various factors, such as obstructions, weather, and others.

Sometimes, the concentration of the main active ingredient is more important than what the manufacturer says regarding the coverage. If the formula is highly concentrated, you won’t have to apply too much of it to kill mosquitoes and anything else you want.

On top of that, a high concentration usually ensures a longer residual control effect.

DIY or Ready-to-Use Sprays

Here’s where things get interesting. You’ve noticed that I’ve listed both sprays and formulas that you have to mix with water. Why? It’s all about the freedom to adjust the concentration to fit your particular needs and save money.

When you’re buying mosquito killer or repellent in bulk, you may run into storage issues. But, getting one large container with pure formula can be cheaper and easier to store. All you’ll have to do is get a separate spray bottle or repurpose an old window washer spray bottle.

You should also be careful when working with synthetic chemical products. Using gloves is a good idea. So is cleaning any container before repurposing it for your mosquito killer formula.

Keep Your Skin Bite-Free

Dealing with mosquitoes is just as easy as dealing with ants, spiders, and all other common pests. The only difference is that you have to choose a very specific type of insecticide to get the job done, especially if you plan on using it outside.

Pick the product that appeals to you the most or use the guide to continue your research on the matter. With that said, I’m confident that all of the options listed in this article will help you get rid of mosquitoes fast, so don’t put the treatment off for too long.

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