7 Best Mosquito Foggers – Get Rid of them Fast!

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Mosquitoes are dangerous as they are very annoying and present in virtually all parts of the world. Even if you don’t live near a body of water, having enough plants around your home is a reason enough for large families of mosquitoes to come over. Using one of the best mosquito foggers can help you deal with this type of infestation in record time.

If you’re not a fan of repellents, if you don’t want to use a roll-on or scented candles, the mosquito fogger is the fastest mosquito killer at your disposal.

Best Mosquito Foggers for Residential and Professional Use

The Burgess 1443 has a fast dispersal rate and massive coverage. You can fog an area of up to 5,000sq.ft in under 10 minutes. If you need to clear your property of mosquitoes before an evening BBQ pool party, few things do it better than the Burgess 1443.

Because it’s propane-powered, this gadget can shoot out a cloud in a cone and up to 10ft. It also comes with a handle, which makes it even easier to use and direct towards more affected areas.

Although a propane tank doesn’t come in the package, you can use any standard 14.1oz propane cylinder. The fog is odorless for the most part, but you should still avoid entering the treated area until it disperses.

You can use this fogger with a variety of insecticides such as those from Cutter, Black Flag, Repel, and others. The engineering is not precisely high-end, and you should expect the occasional leaks. However, that’s not such a big drawback considering how fast you can get rid of the entire mosquito population on your property with the Burgess 1443.

  • Designed for speedy clearing
  • Wide cone pattern dispersal
  • Can be used with multiple insecticide brands
  • Easy to replace propane canister
  • Might leak oil and insecticide after spraying

If you’re looking for traditional foggers and value packs, Cutter may have you covered. You can get their fogger spray cans in two-packs and six-packs if you’re looking to save money and treat a larger property.

The formula is powerful enough to kill on contact, not just mosquitoes, but other pesky flyers as well. One fogger recipient should be enough to treat up to 600 cubic feet. That’s sufficient coverage for patios, decks, picnic areas, and so no.

Are there any downsides to this fogger? It’s not a set it and forget it fogger bomb. But, at the same time, you do get to control exactly where you spray it. The dispersal pattern is medium, not too narrow, but not too broad, either.

That means that it may take you a while to ensure optimum coverage of the target area. Remember that you’ll have to shake the 16 oz fogger can first. Otherwise, you may not be able to fog appropriately.

  • Above-average coverage
  • Available in value packs
  • Fog disperses quickly
  • Effects can last a few hours
  • Uneven dispersal rate and power

This fogger comes in a 16oz spray can. It has a good dispersal pattern and coverage, ideal for an area of 300sq.ft. Unlike other insecticides, the OFF! Fogger doesn’t precisely kill on contact.

It does kill mosquitoes fast, but it also has a lingering effect. That means that you can easily use it to pretreat your property for parties, events, or to enjoy a pleasant evening on the patio with your loved ones.

The effect should last up to six hours. It is not a repellent effect, which is nice, because it means that the insecticide keeps on killing during the said time.

I like that the fog is not very thick, so you don’t have to wait long to use the treated area. And, the ingredients are also effective against moths, wasps, flies, and other pesky flying insects.

The OFF! Outdoor Fogger doesn’t have the lowest price, given its somewhat limited coverage. However, it’s the lingering effect that makes this particular formula intriguing.

  • Continues killing for hours
  • Wide dispersal pattern
  • Kills other insects too
  • Odorless formula
  • A bit pricey given its coverage

This device is a multi-purpose fogger if you will. The backpack blower/duster design makes it easy to use as well as suitable for large-scale treatments and other garden tasks.

When shooting insecticide, you can spray the mist up to 30ft away in a rather wide cone pattern. It will make short work of infestations on small to medium-sized properties. If used with something that makes a thicker mist, you’ll also be able to coat plants. That way, you’ll get a more pronounced residual control effect.

Although I love to use it as a fogger, I recommend the Tomahawk Backpack Fogger because you can also use it as a leaf blower. However, you won’t be able to do it at the same time. But this versatility compensates for the higher price tag, at least when compared to most fogger sprays and bombs.

The engine delivers pretty decent 3HP, and also boasts a turbocharger. It gives you enough range on your mist as well as enough raw power to clean your yard of fallen leaves.

  • Easy to carry backpack design
  • Lots of blowing power
  • Impressive reach
  • Can be used with a wide range of insecticides
  • Can be overkill and too expensive for small yards

The EcoSmart 33129 Mosquito Fogger comes in 14oz aerosol spray cans. It’s very easy to use and has quite an impressive range for such a small sprayer. The mist is thin and disperses quickly, not that it’s necessary.

EcoSmart uses an organic formula to kill mosquitoes, which means that you don’t have to stay away from the treated area after spraying.

You can use this fogger to create a barrier too. Spray it on bushes, trees, and other plants if you want to repel mosquitoes at dusk. The residual control should last up to eight hours, which means that you can prep your yard for an all-nighter with the EcoSmart Mosquito Fogger.

Unlike most insecticides, this formula doesn’t kill on contact. However, even if it doesn’t have an instant effect, the sprayed mosquitoes should still die within minutes.

  • Good residual control
  • Pleasant scent
  • Non-toxic
  • Wide dispersal pattern
  • Not an instant mosquito killer

If you’re looking for one of the truly best professional foggers, Smith Performance Sprayers has you covered. This electric thermal fogger has an impressive rate of success and a very reliable dispersal system.

You can run it on any 110V outlet and treat a vast property within minutes. The gadget has a unique heating element that can propel the fog over impressive distances once it reaches the right temperature.

Although not as expensive as other large fogger gadgets, you should know that you can’t use everything with it. Thermal fogging requires specially formulated insecticides. These can sometimes be slightly more expensive.

But, I still recommend this unit if you want to kill mosquitoes on contact and if you want to treat an extensive area quickly.

  • You can plug it into standard outlets
  • Superior fogger range
  • Supports thicker mists
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • The cable is very short, and replacement insecticides can be pricey

Propane foggers are among the most comfortable to use. Although they can be slightly heavier overall, they offer an unparalleled range of motion. They can also produce dense fogs.

That’s important if you have a heavy mosquito infestation. In this type of situation, a thin mist may dissipate too quickly to kill all mosquitoes in the area.

The extra thick fog also allows the insecticide to penetrate foliage, settle on the ground, and reach deep into cracks and crevices. Because of this, the Bonide 420 Fog-Rx is one of the few foggers that can effectively target larvae and eggs.

That said, like most professional foggers, this one is slightly more expensive than your run of the mill models.

  • Large range of effectiveness
  • Creates very dense fog
  • Portable
  • Can also target larvae and eggs
  • Pricey for small properties

When Should You Use a Mosquito Fogger

Foggers won’t work equally well at any time of day. You need to understand mosquito behavior to get the most out of your fogger. So, when are mosquitoes most active? When do they feed?

Dusk is the period of prime mosquito activity. That’s when you can see swarms of them flying in search of food. So, this would be the optimal time to use your fogger.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to clear an area of mosquitoes, and then you can enjoy a lovely evening on the patio.

Insecticides Used in Foggers

There’s nothing too special about the ingredients of fogger insecticides. The majority are the same conventional pyrethroid insecticides. They are known synthetic formulas, cleared for general use by the EPA.

These are rarely harmful to humans and are also less potent than what you would typically use to treat crops. Because foggers spread the poison through the air, mosquitoes get hit with full force and fast. So, there’s no need to use anything too powerful.

Unfortunately, this also means that foggers are not ideal for long-term passive control. The insecticides used in foggers rarely settle down on the ground. Even if they do, the lower dosage won’t do much to control the mosquitoes population further.

For the most part, both synthetic and organic foggers only provide residual control for a few hours after the treatment. You might need other devices and solutions if you want extended residual control.

Using a Mosquito Fogger – Pros and Cons

The best thing about using a fogger is that you can get rid of mosquitoes fast. As long as you use it at the right time, you can kill a large mosquito population in record time. The odor dies off quickly too. That means that you don’t have to sit outside surrounded by scented candles, lamps, and other mosquito repellents.

That said, it’s not the most versatile tool at your disposal. There are two reasons for that. First, fogger insecticides are not usually as potent. Second, they have a unique method of dispersal, which rarely results in the total annihilation of the mosquito population.

Foggers don’t usually work on larvae and eggs. Unless the formula is very potent and if you try your best to fog the ground too. You should also know that most foggers will affect all flying insects, including beneficial ones like honeybees.

Thin or Dense Fog

If you spray a more delicate mist, you should be able to enter and use the treated area much faster. As long as you spray at the appropriate time of day and as long as the insecticide can kill on contact.

When you’re dealing with a dense fog, it may take time before the area becomes safe to use. Thick fogs are superior insect killers. But, they’re not the best for every situation.

For one, dense fog can also penetrate foliage and cause the insecticide to settle on the ground instead of dissipating in the air. That may not be a good thing if you have to treat an area of the yard with sensitive or edible plants.

That said, it can be an advantage in some instances. If you’re not concerned with runoff or the plants or pets, then thicker fog can help you kill mosquito larvae and eggs.

In terms of residual control effect, there shouldn’t be a big difference.

Use a Fogger in Dire Situations

It’s always best to use a fogger when you need to kill flying insects fast. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a fogger bomb, a regular aerosol spray can, or a professional electric or propane fogger. The important thing is to kill them fast to avoid bites.

Finally, only you can decide which is the best mosquito fogger for you and your property. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you reach a conclusion fast and save yourself unnecessary pain and itching.

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