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Mosquito bites are not just painful and annoying, but they’re also potentially very dangerous in some parts of the world. That’s why it’s important to use the best mosquito candles when it’s warm outside, along with your favorite roll-on mosquito repellent.

You can avoid these bites if you’re well-prepared for the occasion. Hopefully, the suggestions in this article will put your mind at ease concerning citronella candles, their efficiency, as well as help you pick something that will work for you.

7 Best Mosquito Repellent Candles

One of my favorite mosquito candles is the Cutter Citro Guard. Not only can you get these candle sin a six pack, but they’re also triple-wick candles. That means that they can burn for up to 40 hours easily, in a non-windy environment.

The citronella oil does a good job of repelling mosquitoes attracted by your exhales or body heat. Each candle in the pack can keep an area of up to 3ft. free of mosquitos. However, you may need to use two next to each other if your mosquito infestation is severe.

Used indoors, the candles will work even better. At the same time, the candle holders are not particularly eye-catching. They make much better decorations on a patio or porch than on a fancy indoor table.

Another reason why you might appreciate this pack is the overall value. Given how long the candles last, they are pretty affordable. And, the triple-wick candles are known to maintain their freshness for longer, even when not fully covered.

  • Powerful citronella scent
  • Triple-wick candles
  • Burn for up to 40 hours
  • Gentle lighting
  • Wide stable base
  • Not the most eye-catching design

You can get the Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle as a single candle or a two-pack if you want to save some money or deal with a more serious infestation. The formula contains a wide range of ingredients, all known to repel mosquitos and other insects.

The essential oils used are lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, rosemary, soybean, and cedarwood. Beeswax is also added to prolong the burn and enhance the scent. As you can see, this candle repellent should work on some species of bees and ants too.

One Murphy’s Naturals candle should give about 30 hours of continuous burn. That’s good value right there, if you don’t plan too many all-nighters outside. Thanks to the use of not one but five essential oils, the potency of this candle is really good and offers a few feet of coverage.

The candle holder is colorful and should work as a decoration almost anywhere. I also like that the candle can comes with a tight lid which will help maintain the freshness of the candle when not in use.

  • Contains five essential oils
  • Low burn rate
  • Offers good coverage
  • Lasts for up to 30 hours
  • Tight lid included
  • Not as citrusy as other candles

If you’re dealing with a serious mosquito infestation, you may need a large number of candles. Or, you could just opt for one giant candle, one that you can take out whenever you need it and keep it close to the table.

The Cutter 95783 Citro Guard is one big candle if you ask me. It’s a 17oz citronella oil candle that comes in a large bucket. Well, large as far as candles are concerned. It’s still perfectly fine if you want to put it on the table.

In fact, the bucket comes in five different color schemes, which should make it easier to mix and match to your décor. Maintaining freshness shouldn’t be an issue either, since the bucket comes with an airtight lid.

But, this candle needs some maintenance. It can burn up in about 30 hours. That’s because it’s not a triple-wick candle and the fuse isn’t the best either. So, you should trim the fuse from time to time and keep it at .5” or under, if you want a more controlled burn rate.

  • Made with citronella oil
  • Good outdoor coverage
  • Airtight lid included
  • Available in multiple color schemes
  • The fuse can burn a bit too fast

Repel also offers a highly competitive citronella candle repellent, and probably one of the best citronella candles on the market, pricewise. This 10oz candle may only burn for about 20 hours, but it has a much better range than some of its competitors.

The real citronella oil will be both pleasant for you and a nightmare for mosquitos. The more you use the better the results, but Repel doesn’t offer any value pack options. Even so, the individual candle price is really good, considering the wide coverage and the powerful scent.

I can’t say too much about the aesthetics of the candle - it’s a simple can with a silver-plated tight lid. It’s green and yellow color scheme is nice, but won’t exactly blend well into a fancy patio setup.

The fuse is rather thick. Because of this, it burns at a faster rate, and trimming it often probably won’t do much to change this. But, at the end of the day, I think it’s a nice trade-off if you’re trying to create a strong barrier in a large open space.

Maybe you won’t be able to use it for more than a few hours per night, which is still better than mosquito coils, but you will be able to keep a large patio table full of guests free from mosquito bites. Just keep in mind that high humidity and strong winds can tip the tides in the mosquito’s favor.

  • Citronella oil included
  • Thick fuse
  • Airtight lid for maintained freshness
  • Wide candle with superior area coverage
  • Not everyone likes a fast burn rate

The Laluztop Citronella Candles Pack comes with four candles, each weighing 4.8oz. You can place these in separate rooms, on multiple tables, or all at the center of your patio table to create a wide barrier.

What’s perhaps most surprising about this four-pack is that each candle can last up to 50 hours. That’s insane if you ask me. The very low melting rate of the citronella-infused beeswax and low burn rate of the fuse are most satisfying.

However, this means that you’ll have to use at least two candles at the same time in most cases. It’s common sense that a very low burn rate just won’t release a scent powerful enough to deter mosquitos from biting you.

That being said, this is a value pack, one that you shouldn’t feel bad about using every day. The scent is perhaps even more pleasing to humans like this, since it’s still citrusy but not overpowering.

Another thing I should mention is that this is one of the few mosquito candles that can also easily be used in any room inside the house. That’s because of the very mild scent and little to no smoke.

  • Up to 50 hours of burn time
  • Nice glow
  • Very pleasant smell for indoor use
  • Fuse doesn’t need trimming
  • Reusable containers
  • The lid has an average seal

If you’ve used a mosquito blue pill in the past, you probably know just how effective it can be. But, how do you use that in a candle and still get a nice glow, an aesthetically pleasing decoration, and an efficient bug repellent?

Well, Thermacell has found an answer. The Thermacell Cambridge Mosquito Repellent is an electric candle that comes with heat-activated repellent mats. The heat comes from the Thermacell fuel cartridge which is hidden by the lantern.

LEDs provide a warm glow and can continue to provide light even if you’re not using repellent mats. I find this really cool since you can use the lantern all-year-round, whether you have mosquitoes or not.

Since there’s no flame, it’s also a lot safer to use both indoors and outdoors. Another really cool feature is the controlled repellent release rate, all thanks to the unique Thermacell fuel cartridge.

What’s even better is that the repellent is scent-free, yet still works against mosquitoes. Although not the cheapest, and although the three repellent mats will need replacing eventually, as will the cartridge, this is one of the best long-term solutions in my opinion. And, when it comes to aesthetics, very few products hold a candle to this one.

  • Scent-free repellent
  • Lighting independent from the repellent
  • Large luxurious Cambridge candle
  • Makes no flame or smoke
  • Expensive in the long-run

These candles come in packs of three and can be used inside and outside your home. Each candle comes in a mason jar with an airtight screw-on lid. This helps maintain the air freshness really well, as well as keep the candles dry.

The ingredients used include multiple essential oils like citronella, geranium, lemon, and eucalyptus, with the latter being present in a high concentration. The unique formula of the candle wax allows it to last for up to 88 hours which is nothing short of impressive if you ask me.

But, mason jars are not very thick, so they’ll get really hot to touch. You’ll have to handle them with extra care. In terms of aesthetics, I have to say that the jars can look good in the right setting. Otherwise, you may not like them very much.

That being said, if you’re looking for a long burn and something other than a potent citrusy scent, the eucalyptus in these candles may offer a nice change of pace. What you should keep in mind is that slower burn rates mean less repellent is released. So, you might have to use two candles at the same time instead of one to get the desired effect.

  • 88 hours burn time
  • Minty scent
  • Airtight lids
  • Free of chemicals
  • May need to use more than one candle at a time

Why Citronella Works against Mosquitoes

It’s a known fact that mosquitoes are attracted to one thing first and foremost and that’s the carbon dioxide that we exhale. This happens way before they even get to taste blood. They’re also attracted to lactic acid.

So, where exactly does citronella fit in? Well, citronella doesn’t really repel mosquitoes as you may think. What it actually does is mask the scent of everything mosquitoes are attracted to. Because of this, they’re unlikely to come anywhere near these candles or you.

Are Flameless Candles Effective?

You don’t always need a fire to keep the mosquitoes at bay. There are electric gadgets that can do the same thing as citronella candles, some even better I might add.

If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find electronic devices that look like candles, but don’t use fire to trigger the repellent.

That being said, flameless candles may not have the same appeal to everyone. No matter how well put together they are, they’re just not authentic.

And, some of them may draw a lot of power or can even get messy if they use LED bulbs to heat the repellent. You should look at candles that heat the repellent independently from the light source.

Are Citronella Candles Better Than Homemade Candles?

Ounce per ounce, the answer is yes. No matter how much lemongrass, lemons, limes, and mint you stuff inside a jar, you just won’t be able to infuse the candle with all that scent.

Commercial citronella candles may also use additional natural repellents and essential oils. And, the wax is always infused with the repellent as opposed to just sitting on top of a homemade citrusy brew.

Stay Bite-Free All Summer Long

You’re never going to solve all your mosquito problems with a single candle. But, as you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from so that you don’t go over your budget.

Mosquito candles reviewed in this article are almost all equipped with natural repellents that deter mosquitoes from biting you while also providing a natural summer scent that every human can enjoy.

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